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WS Civil War: Trump Sues Big Tech

The white supremacist internet trolls prepare for their biggest battle yet...

Cementing a 2 decade struggle, 45th US President & white supremacist sith lord Donald Trump has announced a lawsuit aimed at the nation’s largest racist tech companies, officially yielding the biggest white supremacist showdown since January 6th.

The former president is listed as the lead plaintiff of several filings against Twitter, Facebook, and Google-owned YouTube in a series of class-action lawsuits meant to garner punitive damages as well as restore the access of social media accounts owned by Trump that had been banned on the platforms.

The ‘white Maamba’ Donald Trump

The suits are slated to be heard under the jurisdiction of Florida courts which are typically more ‘right leaning’ in their white supremacist rulings.

However, the silicone valley bigots are no better than their right wing attackers.

TheDaily reported on the vitriolic anti-Black censorship campaign led by the happy racist at Google, Twitter, and Facebook.

‘Android #432’ Mark Zuckerberg

Its well known to everyone on the internet that America’s largest tech organizations are nothing more than safe havens for sadistic anti-Black racist like Andrew Auernheimer, and that these organizations only have one real goal; To protect and promote white supremacy.

Of course this means that the Black media, the natural antithesis to the Nazi-like propaganda promoted by the likes of ‘Puketube’ & ‘HateBook’, is constantly under assault, dealing with channels or accounts be demonetized and often banned.

‘Homeless Brad’ Jack Dorsey

Expect for the tech giants to utilize section 230 of the Communications Decency Act which allows content to be filtered if it’s obscene or lewd, but not if it’s just political oriented content.

Trump’s legal team will likely argue that government departments are directly censoring speech on COVID-19 related information or 2020 election audit results that conflict with typical white media narratives.

‘Maleficient’ Susan Wojcicki

Well, we can only hope these feckless buffoons tear each other apart in the process.

Barrington Williams, B1Daily

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