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Another FBI Pedo Exposed

The federal authorities are known for housing murderous sexual deviants

A Louisiana FBI agent is accused of exposing himself multiple times to two children in multiple states over the course of two years.

David Harris a FBI Supervisory Special Agent David Harris, 51, who was tasked with investigating crimes against children, including child pornography, is currently incarcerated in Louisiana and is now facing charges of indecency with a child, crimes against nature and sexual battery.

Authorities have confirmed at least 2 children that the former federal agent assaulted, but refuse to state rather there might be additional minors involved.

Federal Bureau of Investigation founder J. Edgar Hoover (right) & Director Clyde Tolson (left)

The federal authorities are known for housing murderous sexual deviants, like the cross-dressing J. Edgar Hoover or his lover, Clyde Tolson.
According to authorities, evidence was found during an investigation into Harris that led to other felonies committed by Harris of a sexual nation with minors and adults in the states of Louisiana and Texas.

Harris was arrested earlier this summer in Ascension Parish, Louisiana and has outstanding arrest warrants out of East Baton Rouge and Orleans Parish, Louisiana, as well as Tyler, Texas.

Terrence Dorner, B1Daily

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