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Biden’s Polling Numbers Plummet to an All-Time Low

Dozens of national popularity polls reflect that 'Jim Crow Joe' Biden's favorability among Americans is at a all-time low

Dozens of national popularity polls have reflect that ‘Jim Crow Joe’ Biden’s favorability among Americans is at an all-time low, bottoming out an average approval rating of just 38%, officially making him the second most unpopular president in the modern era, second to only Donald Trump.

President ‘Jim Crow Joe’ Biden

Polling shows that the Biden administration’s greatest losses are reflected in its dealing with independent voters. Latest polls confirm that Biden approval rating among independents sits at 37% which is a full 24 points lower than when he entered office 8 months ago.

Many Americans site strong disapproval of Biden’s handling of the border crisis, his leaving behind of US citizens in the war-torn Afghanistan immigration, and total lack of an agenda pertaining to his core constituency, Black Americans.

Beltway pollsters have insisted that the administration should be worried since the average approval ratings for the past 14 presidents at this same point in their terms was nearly double Biden’s current rating, averaging 66%.

Biden’s numbers are devastating, but what should worry his party more are the upcoming midterms.

In 2010, under an Obama presidency that utterly ignored and even openly ridiculed the same core constituency of Black Americans that his former Vice President Joe Biden now depends on, enthusiasm for voting in the Black community evaporated resulting in Republicans taking control of the House with a 63-seat pickup, picking up seven seats in the Senate and taking seven state governorships.

Barrington Williams, B1Daily

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