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Biden Signs 6 Billion in Funding for Afghan Refugees, Slights FBA Reparations Claim

In total, the Biden administration has spent nearly $10 billion dollars on every other minority group except Foundational Black Americans.

Earlier this week President Joe Biden signed a stopgap bill intended to avoid forcing the US government to shut down due to lack of funding.

The bill includes a “supplemental appropriations” amendment for disaster relief estimated at $6 billion will be directed toward Afghanistan evacuees. The US Department of Homeland Security also has been directed to submit quarterly reports to Congress on the statuses of Afghan evacuees both in the US and at overseas US military bases, according to the bill.

Thousands of Afghanis rush to board final US plane leaving Kabul International airport

In the beginning of September President Joe Biden announced that all formal military operations would be halted in Afghanistan and since then, more than 120,000 Afghans have been brought from Kabul International Airport into the states, although thousands of American citizens have been left behind in the process.

The $6 billion in funding is expected to go building housing for Afghan refugees, as well as potentially creating funding measures for business grants for the non-citizens who fled their nations.

Afghanis fall mid air from wings of US cargo plane

This comes on top of the previous US announcement that the Biden administration plans to send nearly $64 million in humanitarian aid to the nation of Afghanistan.

Biden, who is a staunch segregationist, has declined to discuss cash payout reparations to Foundational Black Americans, and has yet to reach out to Ice Cube’s team regarding his promise to negotiate the terms of Cube’s “Plan for Black America”.

Afghanis huddle on plane leaving war-torn homeland

Within the first 9 months of his administration Biden and the Democratic controlled congress have passed over $6.5 billion dollars in relief for Afghanis, provided nearly $100 million in aide to Latino illegals for hotel stays near the US-Mexico border, and provided at least $50 million in grant money for Asian business affected by the Wuhan virus’s negative economic effects.

In total, the Biden administration has spent nearly $10 billion dollars on every other minority group except Foundational Black Americans.

Kerry Hill, B1Daily

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