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Refs Cheat for Fury During Wilder Fight

As usual, the much anticipated fight had beyond questionable calls, all of which tended to coincidentally work against Wilder.

Saturday night gave us the 3rd bout between former heavy weight champion Deontay Wilder and current heavy weight champ Tyson Fury, a boxing match that would go down in history as one of the greatest if not for the horrid officiating.

As usual, the much anticipated fight had beyond questionable calls, all of which tended to coincidentally work against Wilder.

The incompetent referee Russell Mora started out the night with letting Tyson Fury, 6’9 281lbs literally lean and lay on the much smaller 6’4 238lbs Wilder in an clear strategic attempt to tire him out.

Of course we can’t forget about what’s lighting up Black Twitter, the ridiculously long down counts given to Fury.

Wilder (right), Fury (left)

But by far the most egregious underhanded occurrence of the night came when midway though round 4, Deontay Wilder landed a right hook to the left side of Tyson Fury’s temple sending him spinning to the ground. Fury was shaken and remained on the ground for what appeared to clearly be 10 seconds, however the referee, Mora, refused to call the fight.

In the 2018 bout between Wilder and Fury numerous professional boxing organizations verified that several counts given to Fury were above 10 seconds.

The long count was so freaking long, that Mora’s refusal to call the fight prompted former world champion Lennox Lewis to accidently utter “What a long count.” on live television.

WBO Referee Russell Mora

The crowd was so upset at the decision that they began to boo for the remainder of the round.

Fury also repeatedly tackled Wilder and would regularly put him in chokeholds, another illegal maneuver according to boxing regulations, yet Mora would only stop the clenching between the two when Wilder would swing through Fury’s illegal chokeholds.

Even racist Joe Rogan is on record decrying the incorrect count as an example of “corruption.”

As we know, this fight was going to be rigged from the start just like the last 2 contest against Wilder.

It just isn’t enough for Wilder to fight a man 3 weight classes above him, while the officiating is allowing illegal chokeholds, or just outright refusing to call his opponent out of the fight when he’s clearly knocked him out.

But we stand with Dee still, because he’s family. And no amount of cheating that the white supremacist engage in will ever change that.

Kel Mcknight, B1Daily

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