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Hundreds of Nation’s Top Nuclear Scientist Quit Over Vaccine Mandate

Hundreds of nuclear scientists stationed at Los Alamos nuclear facility have staged a weeklong protest against the nationwide federal vaccination mandate.

Hundreds of nuclear scientists, engineers, project managers, research technicians in Los Alamos Lab, one of largest nuclear research facilities in the country, have staged a weeklong protest against the nationwide federal vaccination mandate.

The lab employs around 14,000 of the nations’ best nuclear physicist, all of whom hold Q, L even top secret federal security clearances. Its also among the largest employers in New Mexico.

According to the Los Alamos Reporter, some 185 employees have separated from Triad National Security, LLC at Los Alamos National Laboratory, they’ve also engaged in a suit.

Scene of vaccine mandate protestors this morning on N.M. 4 and Pajarito Road. Photo by Jenn Bartram/

Attorney Jonathan Diener, who is representing the scientist in their lawsuit alleges that lab management harassed employees and has created a hostile work environment. Diener also alleges that one employee was screamed at for not being vaccinated and was told by a fellow scientist that “he and his family deserved to die.”

Recently Judge Jason Lidyard denied the request of the 114 employees asking for the vaccine mandate at LANL to be blocked.

Local white-supremacist post in front of LANL at the Pajarito Road vehicle access checkpoint Photo by Jenn Bartram/

“To me, it’s perfectly clear that employment is a benefit that the government is giving these people at LANL and they’re taking it away because they’re exercising their constitutional right to decide what goes in their body,” said Diener following the lengthy hearing.

Fellow employees have estimated the lab could lose anywhere from 4% to 10% of the workforce because of the mandate.

As of October 16, LANL said 96% of its employees are fully vaccinated. The lab refused to disclose exactly how many employees will be on leave starting Monday or how many employees will be terminated for not getting the shot.

Terrence Dorner, Barrington Williams, B1Daily

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