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Protest Take Over Worldwide

Protest over vaccine mandates breakout across the world.

In the East End we have an old saying, “Soon learnt, soon forgotten” and it means that the easy lessons are always easy to forget.

Well the EU doesn’t have to worry about forgetting any of the lessons that its learned in past month as massive protest have occurred in each nation.

In the beginning of the month tens of thousands of protesters gathered in Newcastle city centre causing the 4km long business district known as Northumberland street to congest and eventually come to a complete standstill.

New Castle protestors demonstrate
New Castle protestors bring Northumberland to a halt

Smaller demonstrations are being staged all around London and have been being held every weekend for the past month.

Recently this week, protestors caught Bill Gates lacking as he attempted to drive down Downing street to meet Prime Rib–Minister Boris Johnson, his vehicle was surrounded by a swarm of protestors attempting to flip his car.

They yelled insults, threw fecal matter at Gate’s window, and chanted “arrest Bill Gates” before local race soldiers swooped in to save him. Guess Priti Patel called them.

Eugenicist Bill Gates aka Wormser

But the vaccination protest are the least of the white supremacist’s problems.

IB or Insulate Britain demonstrators are slated to return to the streets on October 25th following the 10 day truce.

The organization’s stated goal is for parliament to pass junctions providing funding so all British homes can be insulated by 2030.

The group caused utter chaos last week when they successfully began blocking dozens of entry roads and exit routes throughout London prompting what many consider to be a malicious High Court to issue several injunctions against them. The demonstrators have blocked roads for 14 days straight, with activists often gluing their hands to the carriageway to slow authorities down when trying to remove them.
Meanwhile all has gone to pot in France.

Marking the 9th straight weekend of demonstrations, over 150,000 protestors rallied across France in response to the widely unpopular health pass in a nation known for marking its impoverished citizenry so as to distinguish them from nobility.

Paris vaccination protest, France

The pass proves that people are fully vaccinated, had a recent negative test, or recently recovered from the Wuhan virus and is required to enter public facilities.

The French aren’t having any of it.

The demonstrators have been getting into clashes with Thugs with Badges during events often ending conflicts with knives and bats being drawn.
Protestors have demanded an immediate revocation of the mandatory pass, or the demonstrations will continue in perpetuity.

Protestors demonstrate near Parkville, Melbourne, Australia

In Melbourne, the Aussies have decided to get down right crazy, setting fire to portions of the city as a the government announces the 4th night of curfews. Workers and demonstrators alike have injured dozens of cops, with at least 1 pig allegedly in critical condition.

Riot police deployed on the scene allegedly used rubber bullets, pepper spray, and sound devices, to disperse crowds. However this caused the crowds to grow more aggravated and they responded by hurling projectiles at the police headquarters, damaging windows, signs, and yes, people.

Australian officials claim neo-Nazi elements are behind the latest protest.

Demonstrators clash Thugs with Badges, Sydney 10/18/2021
Melbourne youth rabblerouse’

The violence on Monday got so out of hand that all construction in the city of Melbourne halted, and is still halted as of today.

In the US protest have persisted weekly since US President Biden’s announcement of a vaccination mandate.

Just this morning, hundreds of employees of American Airlines demonstrated outside the company HQ in Fort Worth, Texas. The mega carrier announced that all employees must get vaccinated for the Wuhan virus or face immediate firing.

American Airline pilots stage walkout, Fort Worth Texas, 10/22/2021

The status of Biden’s mandate is in limbo. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) which is part of the US Labor Department may use an emergency clause allowing for it to supersede its own guidelines and force the shot in businesses nationwide.

Alternatively, if more companies and firms continue to close due to employee walk outs from the mandate, Biden will lose the last of his much needed political capital, and subsequently will be unable to force anything.

B1 Daily will be providing on site coverage of the international vaccination protest

Sylvester Loving, B1Daily

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