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Biden Slated to Give Reparations to Illegals

Biden administration announced that the President is aiming to pay out nearly $1 million per immigrant family that was allegedly separated at the border.

–Thursday 8:53 AM
Sources close to the Biden administration announced that the President is aiming to pay out nearly $1 million per immigrant family that was allegedly separated at the border.

Hundreds of thousands of illegal migrants flood Arizona border, 10/11/2021

Additionally, sources indicate that potential recipients will not include Haitian immigrants whipped by ‘Jim Crow Joe’ Biden’s border patrol agents at the US southern border just 3 weeks ago.

The Democratic led congress has been in talks over the amount of the payouts for nearly 6 months, while ignoring the America’s most legitimate reparations claim held by Foundational Black Americans (FBAs) who allegedly put Biden in the oval office.

Black congressional staffers have had it the worse, often coming home to Black constituencies who boo and mock them for ignoring reparations for FBAs.

President ‘Jim Crow Joe’ Biden struggles to remember reporters name at Tuesday press conference, DC

“They’ve been talking about it from day 1 man, and we were like ‘What about us?” a hill staffer wished to remain unnamed told TheDaily. “We carried the party to a majority that they haven’t seen in a decade, and this is how they repay us?”

The staffer mentioned that he had worked under a Democratic congressmen for 3 years now, but noted that the he and the party had encountered more challenges this year than in the last decade combined.

“Its just making it really hard to go back to our districts and preach that we’re instituting the agenda that you voted for, when Black people can openly see everyone else getting something but us.”

Current figures for payouts to illegals are estimated to sit around $450,000 a person and the figure could even go up.

Roughly 18,000 Mexican ‘Blancos’ await charter bus taking them to tax funded hotel stay after illegally entering US

Biden’s critics point out that the administration has refused to initiate cash payments for the numerous human rights violations conducted by state-backed or rouge white-supremacist against Black citizens who trace their heritage back to the Antebellum holocaust.

Despite holding a clear majority in both chambers and the seat of the oval office, the Democrats who received the most number of votes from Black citizens have blatantly and publicly refused to pay Black-Americans anything.

The Black community isn’t the only sector outraged.

Republicans in congress have stressed that a majority of US citizens are currently out of work, making this payout all the more egregious.

““Promising tens of thousands of dollars to those who unlawfully entered the United States would not only reward criminal behavior, but it would surely send a message to the world that our borders are open, and or rule of law will not be enforced.” Forty-four congressional Republicans wrote in a open letter to Biden.

The 2019 average median American household annual income of $68,703, making the payments for non-citizens roughly 7 times more valuable than receiving a payment for actually working in the country.

Critics mention that white supremacy has done this countless times before; The multimillion dollar payouts to Asian-Americans every 6 years or so simply for having a business, payouts including hotel stays to Latinos who often break the law entering into the nation in the first place, and to white-Americans pretending to be Native Americans (see Elizabeth Warren).

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (left), Will Ferrell (right) in “First Thanksgiving” parody skit SNL, 2019

But for what reason does white supremacy need to give Black tax payer monies to a variety of other ethnic minority groups?

Precisely for the reason that they are non-white minority groups, its provides a salient example to the world that white supremacy is fair to all minorities, and if they work hard enough they too can join in the American “dream” or Black people’s nightmare.

However these minority groups fled to the US specifically because they couldn’t succeed in their home countries, let alone build their birth nations up to first world standards.

Meaning that white supremacy has to artificially bolster these minority groups standings so that they may more effectively serve as a separator or buffer between Black citizens who have the most legitimate grievances in the country and the white supremacist who caused said grievances.

These dynamics are deliberate, and are being artificially imposed on Black people so as to ensure that the nation’s hardest working people will always be the “economic floor” of white supremacy’s minority flunkies.

Biden Bedwenches, 2020

“They know what’s coming down the pike and its not pretty,” the staffer said in reference to the highly anticipated 2022 midterms.

“At this point we’re all just looking at open corporate positions and preparing for the slaughter to come.”

Barrington Williams, B1Daily

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