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Kamala Harris’ Approval Ratings Drop to Historic Lows

VP Harris' numbers keep dropping, and with the 2022 midterms nearing, all eyes are on her.

Vice President Kamala Harris just can’t catch a break.

According to the latest Gallup poll, Harris’ approval rating has fallen to just 27%, officially making her the most unpopular US vice president of all time.

Critics of the administration site Kamala’s lack of engagement during important white house meetings, her being MIA for the majority of her first year in office, and complaints from other wings of the administration who believe that her staff is generally incompetent in day to day proceedings.

Vice President Kamala Harris

Democratic voters made it clear last year that Harris was not a popular choice, causing her to be the first candidate to drop out of the national election run nearly 11 months prior to Election Day. Now just 11 months after narrowly winning office, Harris’ approval rating is officially worse than one of history’s most infamous white supremacist, Dick Cheney of the Bush family criminal syndicate, who managed to bottom out at 30% in Gallup’s tracking survey.

Critics note that Harris has no major responsibilities in the administration besides allegedly managing or at least meeting immigration expectations of the Biden white house. But even that’s turned into a disaster with the southern border immigration situation getting so chaotic that it ended up being defined as a crisis.

Harris is on record claiming that assertions of inner office chaos are “untrue” and she insists that her office is running at normal capacity.

However, Harris’ staff has other opinions.

An unnamed white house staffer who was among 11 members purged from Harris’s office in September agreed to speak with The Daily.

“I worked for the Clinton, Obama, and Biden administration as a aide and have worked on capitol hill on and off for I’d say 19 years in total.”She said.

“You say you were forced to resign. Under what pretenses were you asked to leave?” I asked.

“Well it wasn’t just me in specific; it was like 10 of us.”She paused to sip her coffee, “At least 10.”

“Alright, why did they want so many of you gone?” I re framed.

“I personally believe its because of all of the friction between him and our office,” She said.

‘Him’ referring to Joe Biden.

First Lady Jill Biden

“And he never really liked her, plus the situation with her (Kamala) getting into small arguments with his wife didn’t help.” She finished.

“So Kamala and Jill were arguing? Over what?” I ascertained.

“Not so much arguing just kinda getting into spats over nothing. I didn’t even understand why she (Jill Biden) was around the white house everyday because usually first ladies are on tour and doing a bunch of speaking engagements but yeah, they definitely bumped heads a little bit.” She said.

“So the first lady of the US and the VP were petty bickering?”I asked.

“Not bickering but getting into disagreements and I believe..I personally believe that it started with them not being on the same page with each other after the primaries.” She answered.

“So what was the official reasoning given to you all for the resingnation?” I asked.

“It wasn’t a resignation they just allowed us to leave without a ‘blemish’, but it was because they (Biden’s office) said that we weren’t keeping up with task and we were missing too many important deadlines. They stressed it was nothing personal but they wanted to send some of their aides to look into how the office (Harris ‘office) was working and if they could resolve any ‘problems’ between us and the other team (Biden’s office)” She said.

“What deadlines or task weren’t getting taken care of?” I asked.

“Like I said, in my opinion we were keeping up just fine, its just that they wanted to see us go. I mean I’ve never been apart of a administration that made me feel so unwelcome—from the inauguration where they made Harris’s campaign staff stand in the back by the band, to us not getting our work equipment until well into a month of working. They obviously had it out for us from day 1.” She sighed.

“Do you think its anti-Black racism on Biden’s behalf?” I asked.

“I don’t think its that, things just didn’t work out.” She said.

“Bootlicks never learn. I thought to myself.

“I actually thought it was because of all of the bad press we were getting surrounding the Haitian issue.” She said.

Last month thousands of Haitians crossed the Rio Grande in hopes of gaining refuge from a country riddled with violence. The flood of a few thousand Black immigrants caused a panic reverberating all the way up to the white house. Haitians were whipped by Biden’s and Abbott’s boarder patrol. Critics blamed Kamala Harris’s office for the debacle.

“I think they really just wanted someone to blame, I mean she was given the border role like a month beforehand and then that situation happened and it was like the perfect storm.” She said.

“Why do you think Kamala is so unpopular?” I asked.

“I think it’s because she’s a Black woman. The media always comes against us—or women of color.” She replied.

“What about Black people’s opinion of her?” I responded.

“I know some in our community have issues with her, but she’s a Black woman and she’s trying, so I think sometimes you guys (the Black Media) are too hard on her.” She finished.

“Do you feel any of the criticisms are warranted?” I asked.

“Sure, its just that we feel like in your guy’s view she can do nothing right. And I think you’re being unfair or you have some personal vendetta against her.” She quickly responded.

{Read full transcript here}

Kamala Harris will have a challenging year with a quarter of her staff being replaced, her seemingly being unable to handle even the most simple of questioning, and with the 2022 midterms looming on the horizon. If any of the past year can be considered an indication of where her candidacy is heading for 2024 she may want to consider an early retirement.

Barrington Williams, B1Daily

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