Where Is Our Defense?

Where is the Family's information gathering infrastructure?

As Black Americans, as Black men we’re flying blind and everyone can see it.

Just a short week ago, Malikah Shabazz was found dead in her home. While her family has been quiet about the causes, partially indicating her suffering illness related death of some sort, but not being able to say for sure since Shabazz’s daughter Illyassah found her unresponsive in her home.

Malikah Shabazz

Meanwhile the NYPD, yes the same NYPD that fabricates cases against Black people  on the daily, the same NYPD that’s known for snatching up Black girls, and the same NYPD that conspired to kill Malikah’s father Malcolm X, we go to that same NYPD for information on her death and what a surprise, they’re clamming up.

The NYPD has only disclosed that a 911 call was made and that Malikah was found unresponsive by her daughter, that’s it. We’ve gotten no toxicology report from the county toxicologist, or any medical examiner, and we’re essentially left to believe the white supremacist.

The Shabazz family

This is beyond a problem.

Where are our responsive forces? Where are our Black people that we can contact once we’re caught up in a dangerous situation, or when a Black person sustains fatal injuries, or  when a pack of white supremacist attempt their typical ambushes.  

Sure, we’ve had groups in neighborhoods willing to do some of the ground work necessary to secure our safety and prosperity, but we lack the organization to coordinate nationally, meaning that those organizations are only viable where they’re located; they’re missing a state by state chapter or office. This inevitably means that when something happens outside of their spheres of influence, the white supremacists’ apparatuses will be the ones to respond, they will fill the power vacuum.

So where do we go from here?

Well first we understand that we are the protection of our community, and we don’t need any groups or titles to prove that. Each Black man is required to be trained in maintenance and usage of firearms at beginning no later than at the age 9 and should be able to prove proficiency by 13. Every man, woman, and child are required to learn one martial art and should strive to reach the highest belt in it. We’re all cells in the body of the Black Family, so we require each cell to be healthy. Being healthy body means that each cell can fend off a virus, in this case the scourge of white supremacy and its collaborators are the main pathogen we’re fighting, but of course healthy cells will often have to fight off unhealthy cells even though they have the same DNA, we have to remember that tidbit because it’s a brutal fact of reality.

Second, we individually understand and demand that our economy, our personal monies are to be partially dedicated towards Black apparatuses of some sort. It’s not enough to give a “shout out” to Black people willing to take it to our enemies. White supremacy believes in incentivizing its ranks, we must do the same.

Third, understand that everyone even our mortal enemies have a motivation. You don’t need an organization behind you to cultivate a source.

Fourth, learn the identities and the command structure of the people or entities that regularly attack us. We can’t undermine these guys if we don’t even have a clue of tensions or personal clashes going on in their ranks, and we gotta be honest and admit that we’re dealing with a den of thieves. Expect for their cohesion to be suspect.

These pillars are essential if we want to begin the process of securing our place in the world.

What about at the macro level?

Sure, it’s easy to advocate for community groups to patrol our neighborhoods, but let’s face it, men require resources.  So in most cases community organizations are not sustainable. We need men who are bonded (in terms of insurance, Family) and who represent themselves as IPs not grassroots organizations. We need security firms, Black owned, operated, and controlled security firms full of armed Black men and women dedicated to ensuring our safety in our areas of stay.

Elder God of State: Malcolm X

It won’t be easy at first. To create a private security organization takes millions of starting capital since insurance is required to operate, so we’ll have to start small. But it is one of many options on the table. We’ve seen success like the AGB Investigative Services in Chicago, so we know with effort, planning and organization, it can be done.  

 Even if physical action isn’t a option, gathering information is not nearly as cost prohibitive. To establish your own commercial research firm only cost a few thousand dollars and you just need to have the men with the correct expertise in order to be effective.

Another aspect of this is that once we establish more formal security apparatuses, we need to look at negotiating contracts with the state.

Why shouldn’t our organizations that operate in our interest be state funded?

The white supremacist owe us more than anyone on the planet, we should at least be getting caked off some for our efforts.  And getting the local white supremacist death squads out of our communities is our top priority, so we should attempt to outbid them for local and state contracts. No one should be policing our homes but us, and we should be subsidized for it.

Family, we’re in the building phase now so everything will seem difficult at first, but it’s not impossible. We can’t afford to make the mistake of fighting the last war.

We must understand that white supremacy continues to evolve, so justice must evolve too.

Black empowerment must evolve.

We require forewarning, we require information, and most importantly, we require the edge.

Let’s get to it.

Terrence Dorner, B1Daily

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