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Australian Government Renews Attacks on Indigenous Population

The white supremacist authorities have begun forcing our indigenous family members into interment camps.

The Aussies, descendants of the rapist and pillagers of tribal lands known today as Australia are up to their usual unscrupulous tactics.

Its important to remember that white supremacy is global, meaning strategies implemented on our American Family members are often used here and in other former colonies. The oldest of those colonies being Australia, home to the eldest of our ancestral bloodlines outside of the Africa itself.

ADF troops prepare to stand guard outside of Howard Springs internment camp, NT, Australia

The Northern Territorial Government (NTG) who is partially responsible for forcing the original people of Australia onto infertile soil, has now begun rounding up those very same native peoples under the pretense of “quarantining the non vaccinated” or simply anyone who refuses to adhere to white supremacist dictates.

“This has got nothing to do with help. This is a land grab, and they’re using this bio weapon to wipe us out, to get rid of the bloodline, to take over the land. They’re stuffed down South. They want the resource; they want the water. This is a land grab. They’re coming for everything. They’re going to kill us, and they’re going to wipe out 15 million Australian people to get us in the process.” Said David, a indigenous man who was interviewed by Sky News.

“This is not a joke, this is a serious call out to the world, and we are asking you as their sovereign, original, sovereign tribal people of this land, the ordinary executives and the Heads of State, we are asking the world to please come and help us. Please pay attention to what’s happening and expose this tyranny and this genocide. Before we die and lose it all.”

The area where much of the Family is being held in is called the Howard Springs compound. Cameras have been banned, including cell phone contact with the outside world. There are barb wire fences surrounding the precinct, which the NTG claimed is for keeping out intruders. However all of the barbwire is facing inwards, implying that its usage is for keeping people in.

“I’ve heard all kinds of horror tales.” Said Jayanna West who is a member of SEED, a indigenous advocacy group. She agreed to speak by phone.

“They don’t let you go out but for half an hour a day, and that’s just to get food. Then they tell you that you can’t shop outside the facility so I assume that they have to go to a internal market of some sort. Fresh produce is probably out of the question.” She said.

West says that the Aussie media has been covering up attempted escapes of individuals, often refusing to cover anything surrounding the Howard Springs camp at all.

“We know they’re doing something to the lads there because when my fiancé and I were attending a protest outside of the facility we noticed blood on the barb (wire). I’d say after about an hour of putting the coppers on our twitter live feed, they let out 6 or 7 shots in the air, and we all started running.” She said.

Jayanna says her cousin Avol who is also Biniji and only 16 years old was taken from her aunt in the middle of the night because he refused to answer a survey at his school regarding his vaccination status.

“My aunty told me that they came through knocking loudly and screaming late in the evening. When she opened up they pointed guns at her and demanded to see my cousin. They told her that he was going to be detained until further notice.” She said.

West and her aunt didn’t hear from her cousin for 3 days. They finally received a call from a woman claiming that Avol tested positive for the Wuhan virus and that he was to be moved to the Howard Springs camp within 48 hours.

“We just cried, because we know that they wouldn’t be able to do this to us if we had more power or at least control of our own lives.” She insisted.

“Its not about colour, its about Black, or indigenous or whatever we chose to call ourselves. Its about us.” She finished.

Avol is one of thousands of indigenous Family members who were kidnapped by the white supremacist Australian authorities. The Howard Springs camp is just one of many internment camps meant to house our kin, its imperative that we stand up to these pikeys and let them know that we’re not here to negotiate the release of our loved ones, we’re here to get them out.

Sylvester Loving, B1Daily

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