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Why the Black Community Has a Problem with Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris has a Black problem.

Family, we need to have a discussion about betrayal.

Kamala Harris’ office is pretending to not understand why the Black community has held a grudge against her.

Lets start from the beginning.

Following her humiliating dropout of the 2020 Democratic presidential primaries, Kamala Harris continued to flounder, consistently polling horribly with the very Black voters she hoped to court.

More shock came when Harris was chosen by the Democratic party to run as vice president to the anti-Black racist Joe Biden, despite Harris being the first candidate knocked out of a 8 man primary–1 month into starting her “campaign” at that.

Harris’s clear unpopularity with all groups, not just Black people led to Biden barely creeping across the finish line at the electoral college. He would take almost 2 weeks to declare victory, something not seen in recent national elections.

Well with this many instances of the public showing decisive disapproval of Harris, one would think the embattled VP would take a cue and just stay out of public sight.

But she couldn’t even do that.

Last month Harris was lambasted by the white media for her response to a student who supported the Arabs in Palestine over the Jews in Israel. While Harris’ answer was as muddled as it was confusing, it was a response, a very poor response.

In administrative terms, Harris’s office is in shambles, losing more “staffers” or yes-man aides by the day. Journalist, political commentators, and critics alike agree that her office is mildly incompetent and her future prospects may be disappearing fast.

Now the white media may be schizophrenic concerning their newest high-yellow bootlick, we’re not. Black society is in no way confused about VP Kamala Harris’ intentions or her ridiculous 30 year anti-Black prosecutorial record.

Kamala Harris launched her senate campaign a decade ago by laughing about imprisoning Black parents and Black children for missing school. Harris used her power as district attorney to target Black mothers.

A Black mother named Cheree Peoples was imprisoned by Harris due to her child missing school. Harris never bothered to check on the reason why the young girl was missing class, if she had she would’ve saw that the child had epilepsy and routinely experienced seizures. This little sista’s mother did everything she could to deal with this ailment, and Kamala Harris sent cops with weapons drawn to that same Black mother’s house to arrest her for “truancy” violations.

Cheree Peoples

Harris claimed that if your kid skipped class that was justification for you to go to prison.
Funny how it turned out to be Black women, in many cases the very same Black women who gave Kamala some semblance of power, who ended up suffering the most under her tyranny.

She then went on to further spit in the community’s face by utterly ignoring the murder of a young sista at the hands of the white supremacist. Her name was Mitrice Richardson and Kamala Harris couldn’t seem to remember that or how to do her job as a county attorney at the time. She did however mention Mitrice for all of 5 minutes during a speech just 3 months prior to her election to the US senate.

This kind of craven depravity is usually carried out by the likes of the white supremacist, but for a self-proclaimed Brahmin like Kamala Harris to try and wear Black skin, our skin, and then go about attacking us for 3 decades is beyond disgusting, its beyond duplicitous, and its beyond reproach.

Kamala Harris committed treason against the entire Black community– that is if anyone in the Foundational Black community even considers Kamala to be Black in the first place.

By the way, we skipped Kamala’s time on the California Health commission’s board. Harris was paid a 100,000 dollars for a job that she only showed up to twice in a entire year, but it didn’t matter how engaged or lack thereof she was in that 8 because she got the job from former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown who she was coincidentally “dating” around the time. Willie Brown was also married during that time.

Back to her anti-Black prosecutions.

Harris denied Kevin Cooper a Black man falsely accused of a crime, a simple DNA test that courts later found would have exonerated him.

Harris imprisoned Jamal Truelove, another Black man falsely accused for a decade only for him to be exonerated for lack of evidence. The city and Black taxpayers in specific had to pay Truelove millions thanks to (one of) Kamala’s malicious prosecutions.

Harris’s office was said to be mired with dysfunction similar to her current office as VP. Her county office was said to often “loose evidence”, and made a sport of prosecuting Black people for crimes they didn’t commit.

Jamala Trulove (right), Kamala Harris (left)

The most preposterous anti-Black move Harris made was when speaking on tangible assets. A sista working for the grifters– i mean the Grio asked Harris if she was going to do anything specifically for Black people.

Harris let out one of her infamous harpy screeches or a typical laugh for her, and said that she wasn’t going to do anything specifically for Black people.

The wench even added a Rick Flair like “Nooooo” at the end of it. Looks like we found out what Harris’s white paymasters want to assure Black people don’t get.

Kamala Harris is a degenerate, but she’s not alone. The Black community has long suffered from imposters who may share blood with us, but often sympathize with our enemies. Biracial Blacks have often worked against the interest of the entire community, even in different nations like the Dominican Republic, Haiti, or most of the continent of Africa.

We need to be abundantly clear; A new day is here, and treason will be rewarded with the ultimate punishment.

Self hating biracials like Barack Obama, Doja Cat, Terrence Howard, or Kamala Harris need to understand that the community is no longer color struck like too many of our foreign counterparts. Working against the community or refusing to provide economic empowerment for the Family equivocates to spitting on our sacred ancestors’ graves, the same ancestors who gave their entire lives to fight white supremacy while too many self hating biracials often collaborated with the opposing forces of antagonism.

The Black community hates Kamala Harris, maybe not as much as Barack Obama yet, but she’s certainly in league with other treacherous collaborators.

Harris crossed the Black community, and there’s’ nothing she can do to get our support. The community doesn’t want anything from a conniving racially confused bootlick who has a taste for Black blood.

Its virtually impossible for the Black media to recount all of her crimes against the community as a whole, but we’ll do our best in the years to come.

Marcus Davis, B1daily

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