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EFF Zimbabwe Condemns US Sanctions

Self sufficiency continues to be a problem for Africa.

THE Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) Zimbabwe chapter are protesting the latest round of sanctions doled out by the US, UK and EU.

In a letter dated 6 November 2021 EFF Zimbabwe president Innocent Ndibali wrote o US Acting Ambassador Thomas Hastings demanding that the sanctions be lifted due to the damaging effects its had on the nation and its people.

EFF Zimbabwe President Innocent Ndibali

“I am writing you concerning sanctions in Zimbabwe and the dignity and respect of African heads of states. The UN special rapporteur’s report and academic literature are showing how sanctions on Zimbabwe have negatively impacted ordinary people,” he said.

The US, UK and EU countries imposed sanctions on Zimbabwe some 20 years ago over alleged human rights abuses despite their own nations’ long standing track records of anti-Black genocide.

EFF Zimbabwe President Innocent Ndibali & The Chosen Few

“We want the US to know that ordinary people have suffered and continue to suffer the most. The US must know what is important to the people of Zimbabwe by removing the sanctions immediately,” said Ndibali.

Under the original 2001 sanctions, the Americans advocated for Zimbabwe to be banned from engaging in financial transactions with western nations affiliated with the “Triad of Evil” while the UK and EU simply advocated for a halt in sales of lumber, timber, salt, many fruits, most vegetation and cleaning supplies used by everyday subjects.

The international sanctions against Zimbabwe are indeed illegal but speaks to a far larger African specific difficulty.

The problem of maintaining one’s self or the attainment of self sufficiency.

Africa has all of the materials banned through sanctions already in its own backyard, however it lacks the administrative capacity to appropriately harvest those resources.

Which speaks to Africa’s employment issues.

If Africa had its own factories and compounds, it wouldn’t matter the number of sanctions placed upon it. It would instead be in a position of strength.

Africa’s greatest challenge going into the 22nd century will be creating a viable manufacturing sector capable of powering gargantuan nations that will be engaged in economic warfare with other nations seeking to harness the abundant mineral resources of the motherland.

It will also require some personal will power from the Family on the continent.

Resources of a necessity must be nationalized before any foreign company gets to do business in our nations, this will ensure that every subject of the nation will get some form of supplement income from the spoils of Africa.

So yes, the rest of the Black world expects Africans to get off of their asses, remove the traitorous leaders in office that continue to exploit you, and begin the process of rewriting our place in history.

That process starts from the ground up.

Good day.

Sylvester Loving, B1Daily

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