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OP-ED: Should Black Americans Support An Immigration Moratorium?

Is it time for Black Americans to consider a change in national immigration standards?

Foundational Black Americans are the oldest living lineage of citizenry in the United States.

The country was built by our ancestors hundreds of year before dozens of different ethnic groups would begin flooding the nation’s shores starting in the 1860’s and continuing to this day, in hopes of being able to directly benefit from the assets and infrastructure we were forced to create without duly compensation.

Now during the Black community’s most important effort, its struggle for compensation of it’s living descendants for the greatest crime in human history, we’ve started to encounter pushback not only from the white supremacist who deranged and abused us, but also from many immigrants.

Rep. Jesús Chuy García D-IL (right) Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez D-NY (left)

Under normal circumstances immigrants come to the US for financial opportunities or to escape mayhem in their countries of origin, that’s well known. What’s not well known is that Black Americans made everyone of those opportunities that don’t exist in any of these immigrant groups homeland. And what goes without needing to be said is that Black Americans are excluded from the same prosperous economy.

All Immigrants including Black immigrants know and understand that Black Americans are forced to the bottom of a clearly engineered market in the US.

That fact is widely considered to be a necessary evil to most who would flee their homeland in search for a easier option, and that is an uncomfortable truth that over the last century Black Americans have come to terms with.

Candace Owens

Many Black immigrants in the United States see Foundational Black Americans as a completely separate ethnic group from themselves their new status in a new land created by Black Americans and despite their fleeing their original homelands in shame.

Despite seeing this disrespect from people we once considered to be “allies”, Black Americans are just now truly beginning to understand the negative economic impacts caused by immigrants.

MSNBC’s Joy Reid

Dozens of studies confirm that Foundational Black Americans are overwhelmingly hurt the most from mass immigration.

Immigrants are often given business grants and 0% interest loans, “cash assistance” or spending money, free housing, free tuition, and food stamps all of which are paid for by Black American’s tax dollars while Black teenagers looking for first time employment are forced to compete against people who tend to be middle aged, have families who are impoverished, and just arrived in the nation.

But most damning, immigrants make it a habit to talk about how hard they work despite their refusing to build their homelands up.

Angela Rye

“Most illegal immigrants have willingly left their homelands to seek their fortunes in a more prosperous nation. They were not brought here in chains.” said Carol Swain, former professor of law and political science at Vanderbilt University. and capitol hill political analyst.

“African Americans have been left devoid of a strong Black voice in congress on a topic that affects them deeply, given their high unemployment rate and historic struggle to get quality housing, health care, education and other goods and services.” she stated in reference to the the Congressional Black Caucus’s lack of action on behalf of Black Americans.

Sheila Jackson Lee, who heads the CBC is herself a Jamaican immigrant.

“Lawmakers in the CBC have large numbers of Hispanic constituents in their districts, which may lead to a conflict of interest.” she said.

Sheila Jackson Lee, (Rep. D-TX)

Swain insisted that lack of enforcement of nearly non-existent immigration standards at the state and federal level are partially to blame for the ease of hiring illegals by business owners.

Knowing this fact in addition to the conclusive data, why should Black Americans support immigration?

Even the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) admits that “The primary beneficiaries of immigration seems to be the immigrants themselves.”

In other words, Black Americans only suffer and gain nothing from foreigners immigrating to the US.

VP Kamala Harris (right)

Which leads to the million dollar question; Should Black Americans support a temporary moratorium on all immigration?

Black American communities share no bonds with these foreign peoples, they don’t benefit our universities with their tax paid for attendance, they tend to construct enclaves with other forgeiners of the same ethnic background as opposed to Black citizens already near them, they routinely side with Black American’s political enemies’ interest, and they refuse to go build their nations of birth into something worthwhile.

Essentially, immigration and subsequently immigrants are a political, physical, and financial strain on the Black community.

The Black intelligentsia owes it to itself to consider all of these facts while determining our next steps on this issue.

Barrington Williams, B1Daily

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