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Symone Sanders Joins MSNBC

Symone Sanders is no longer unemployed.

Announcements through the white media confirm that the Luke Cage of Bedwenches aka Symone Sanders will be brought on (not drafted folks) to MSNBC for a weekend show that will appear on its peacock streaming slot.

Sanders has been in in limbo for the last month due to her Zaddy ‘Jim Crow Joe’ Biden and fellow bedwench Kamala ‘Khan’ Harris kicking her out of the white house.

Symone “Deacon” Sanders (right)

Sanders, a former Caucasian Nazi Network (CNN) contributor, had been in talks with multiple white networks for an on-air role. MSNBC must have put the most cinnamon on the butter biscuits.

Symone is best known for working on campaigns for the likes of anti-Black hatemongers like Biden and Harris.

During her time working for the Biden 2020 presidential campaign she defended Biden’s 30 year anti-Black legislative record including her justification of the 96 crime bill’s implementation.
Symone’s bench press max is 265 with a 40 yard dash time of—

Alright that’s in bad taste.

Sanders sacks disrupter during Biden/Harris campaign rally, Super Tuesday 2020

Well at least we know that Joy Reid will be checking behind her back now. Racist usually only need one boot cleaner around at a time.

As is standard operating procedure for white supremacy, the bootlicks, suck ups, traitor and sellouts alike must be given crumbs to survive…for now.

Marcus Davis, B1Daily

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