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Higurashi Sotsu: A Otaku’s Paradise

Weebo Weekly returns with Kel McKnight reviewing the latest iteration of anime hit series Higurashi

When they cry…
For those of us who indulge our waifus fantasies full time, this phrase should sound familiar.

And that my friends is because i have finally finished, yes finished in its entirety Higurashi: Gou & Sotsu, and oh my god if it wasn’t a masterpiece i don’t know what is.

Higurashi Gou & Sotsu is the latest iteration of the 20 year ‘loli’ franchise, and is a complete reimagining of the ‘When they Cry’ universe. It features the same cast of characters, with a surprising twist on their endings that greatly differs from any of the past mobile games or any of the light novels.
It also has much more of a ‘Shonen’ feel to it as well, filling up much of what used to be a slice of life anime with awesome fight scenes and brutal murders too.

Studio Passione produced this work of art, and the Jump August issue said that it took them over 2 years just to make final edits. Yes 2 years, that’s how crisp the imaging is on this piece of work And when you’re watching it you can tell, from the fast transitions to the life like movement of Sakoto and Rika.

So lets say you’re a noob and you haven’t heard of— sorry, experienced Higurashi. Why should you care?
Because Higurashi is technically a horror, slice of life, and now Shonen anime. So if you call yourself a weeb or a true anime fan, this is required viewing. Not only because of the gruesome kills throughout the show, but for the amazing voice acting, much of which is done by the original cast.

If you’ve seen previous versions of Higurashi, then you know its also considered a time warp seires, this version is no different except it better explains the time skips and jumps.

Gotta applaud character designer Akio Watanabe for the excellent fits’ that the entire crew swapped in and out of. In the older versions of the show all of the characters had the same outfits on all the time, not this time though. Keichi is shown in his typical school uniform, summer clothes, and [spoiler alert] a older variant is revealed. While the Sakoto, Rika, the twins and Rena all sport school uniforms, traditional wear for the festival, and newly revealed swim suits!

Ryukishi07 outdid himself this time.

Check out Higurashi on Kissanime, Gogoanime or Crunchyroll.

Kel McKnight, B1Daily

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