Police Departments Begin Encrypting Radio Feeds

Race soldiers are being pressured into hiding radio feeds.

More “police” departments across the county are beginning to encrypt radio feeds.

Without much debate from local politicians, hundreds of precincts across the country are now making their radio feeds inaccessible to the surrounding public including media companies.

Recently the state of California passed a bill requiring all police radio feeds to be “secured” or encrypted, but the state isn’t the first to do so.

Colorado, Wisconsin, Iowa, Pennsylvania, and Maryland all have localities contemplating encrypting even routine communications.

The race soldiers have had their backs pushed up against the wall by mostly teenagers protesting.

Just last year the Chicago Thugs with Badges got their radios intercepted and hacked during the George Floyd Protest.

Protestors claimed that “cops” were shooting at them with live ammunition and attempting to hit them with police vehicles in a similar fashion to the famed NYPD hit and run of 2020.

What’s not surprising is that departments in each of these localities want to let “special persons” or certain media entities still listen in to the radio channel. There is no clear definition of “special persons” meaning that white media entities will have first grabs on radio recordings when the race soldiers attack a Black person or any non-Black sympathizers.

Blanket encryption of public information is illegal, but the “police” departments are technically not considered state faculties. Departments contract with the state, they’re technically agencies just like the Pinkertons.

This is a legal loophole that the white supremacist intend to utilize.

While racist “police” departments can continue to encrypt their radio channels, it will not stop those who process superior technological capabilities from finding a way around their illegitimate process and posting their feeds on social media.

Terrence Dorner, B1Daily

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