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OP-ED: We Want Tangibles Not Symbolism

What's the point of a symbolic appointment to the highest court without concrete tangibles for the Black community?

With Stephen Breyer officially retiring from his seat on the supreme court, much of the nation awaits the Biden administration’s pick for his replacement.

Rumors throughout the white media have lead to speculation that President Joe Biden is floating a Black woman for his pick, adding to the dozens of Black females including his vice president, that he’s appointed.

But what if an appointment isn’t what we really want?

As a Black woman I know that its always good to see other sistas getting their shine, but I have to ask “Is it as important as all of us getting the tangibles we deserve?”

What is the point of a symbolic appointment to the highest court without concrete tangibles for the Black community?

Because without the latter we have just have another Kamala Harris or Michele Obama. Essentially we have a person who may claim to be one of us, but works against the community’s interest.

Why is it that both parties like to use us as their crash dummies?

From Wisome Sears in Virginia, making outright disrespectful comments saying that Black Americans need to “get over slavery”, to Kamala Harris saying that she would never do anything that benefits Black people, there always seems to be one of us willing to get out their and sell the bad guys’ soap.

Black women have watched as the Dems passed LGBTQ rights bills, Asian hate crime bills, several pieces of legislation for the Latino community including a push for additional voting rights, and even legislation for Afghanis that literally got her just last year. But nothing for Black people?

Around 2 years ago i ended up talking to a brotha on the corner of 5th & North Cicero avenue who was running a food stand, he said that too many sistas are ok with white supremacy because they think they’re getting something out of it.

Frm. First Lady Michelle Obama

My husband who is a Black man and a software engineer works tirelessly to put food on the table, and while he doesn’t like to discuss political issues very much, he couldn’t hold his outrage when hearing about the Biden administration’s plans to pay illegal immigrants upwards of half a million dollars in compensation for breaking the rules.

He, just like my Dad and little brother don’t understand why my mother and sister voted for Joe Biden, and now I’m finally starting to see why.

While I disagreed with the street vendor, eventually getting into a shouting match with him, I have no way to explain to my man about the insults that the Biden administration is handing out to Black people on a daily basis.

I’m now starting to feel differently about what that street vendor said after witnessing the last election and last year of Biden’s administration.

While I completely support the Black women working in the Biden administration who haven’t decided to disrespect the Black community, i can’t say that we as sistas, as Black women haven’t made ourselves look like fools on this one.

Black women voted in droves for Biden, with the hopes that we would get something for our families, that we would start the process for reparation payments for foundational Black Americans, and that we wouldn’t suffer for his administration’s lack of action against the police like we did under Donald Trump.

But after this first year, we’ve seen no economic policy being pushed for Black voters at the federal level. Just last week Biden’s press secretary Jen Psaki announced that Biden wanted more funding for the police who stalk, assault, and eventually murder Black women like Mitrice Richardson. And Biden himself is now claiming that his administration has helped us, we just aren’t seeing it.

Talking down to us checkmark. Ignoring us, check. And refusing to provide tangible benefits for us, check.

President Biden doesn’t seem that much different than Donald Trump, and although he did make an effort to reach out to Black female voters, what good is that effort if he refuses to do anything for our community now that he does have power?

I don’t want more symbolism, I want tangibles for our family.

I know most sistas won’t come out and say it, but I will. We’ve got egg on our face, and President Biden made us look like idiots.

Replacing a supreme court justice with a Black face won’t make us feel any better and it won’t stop our men from continuing to walk away from the party.

If President Biden really cares about us then he’ll make a commitment to get our reparations payments started this year. He’ll make sure to ask our community what our opinions are about illegal aliens flooding the border, while legal aliens come and get subsidized at the price of us while they simultaneously disrespect us. And he’ll make sure to defund the men responsible for the assaults of Black women across the nation.

Kerry Hill, B1Daily

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