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OP-ED: Why Winsome Sears is a Bedwench

The Family has some issues with Sears.

I held my tongue but the orders’ finally gone out and now the Family’s on your ass.

Someone get my Jerk chicken because we’re about to sear (no pun intended) this immigrant jackleg.

This egotistical bawd had the nerve to come out and say that Black Americans need to “get over slavery” or “move on” or whatever these tethers attempt to babble about.

Winsome ‘My Wig!!’ Sears

This from a woman who’s parents floated over here on a damn Walmart surf board, looking to get a handout from the country that our ancestors built.

Our ancestors, Winsome. Not yours.

Winsome’s ancestors never got to built up a nation for themselves because they refused to combat the white supremacist and the collaborators in their midst. Winsome’s homeland isn’t famous for its revolts against white supremacy, just the selling out of it’s revolutionaries.

Shout out to Marcus Garvey, a brotha who the Jamaican people ran out of the country because they “Wanted a more peaceful option” to dealing with imperialism.

And when you hear the likes of idiots like Winsome Sears, a woman who basically just showed up with her hands out, you quickly understand that this mentality isn’t just isolated to a few in the Caribbean. Winsome Sears is the east coast’s Candace Owens.

Candace “Coondace” Owens (left) & Winstome Sears (right)

Self hating, bad hair due/wig, sucking up to (or on) a local Zaddy, all of the signs are there. Sears is definitely suffering from ‘Bedwench-itis’ also known by its formal name as ‘Sellout Syndrome‘.

How bout this Winsome, we the descendants of the men and women who fought white supremacy will “forget” about slavery when you and other immigrants stop the child trafficking of Black children in your homeland. Or when you and other immigrants take economic control in your homelands so that when we come to visit we can finally see you as something other than squatters in your own country. By the way, I’ve been to Kingston, and I literally had 6 people warn me of kidnapping attempts on Americans. Jamaicans can’t even protect themselves from roving gangs, and then have the nerve to come here and talk trash to us?

While we’re on the subject of how bad the situation is in Winsome’s home country, we ought to note that it has been said that there are nearly 400 active criminal gangs in Jamaica.

Yes 400, all as vicious and murderous as the infamous Clansman-One Dong Gang.

Alleged Jamaican gang members

That’s still not as brutal as the US State Department memo on human trafficking in Jamaica, where the document stated that cops were trafficking women and children just as often as common gangsters.

“There were no investigations, prosecutions or convictions of Government employees complicit in trafficking offences, but reports indicated that some police officers were complicit in sex trafficking,” the document reads.

Yeah, that’s Winsome’s country.

And just so its abundantly clear, the Black community isn’t the only ones who hate this halfwit.

Just 3 months ago Winsome laid off half of her campaign staff without notice and through a mass email.

Mike Allers Jr. who was the previous campaign manager of Winsome Sears said “I was laid off by Dunkin’ Donuts once, and it was done with more respect than this.”

So guess Winsome has some enemies even amongst her precious white folk.

And that’s probably what’s most detestable about this quack, she’s always trying to shame Black people for fighting white supremacy, while she routinely panders to white audiences, all the while she clearly has no allegiance to anyone but herself.

Typical opportunist immigrant, huh?

Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini aka ‘Doja Rat’ experiences Bedwench-itis mid live stream

Sears is on record saying “voters are ‘tired of the Black against white”, really Winsome? Voters are tired of racial issues when their was mass upheaval over race specific issues just 2 years ago, really?

See, this is the problem with bootlickers, mammies, wenches, and sellouts alike. They specialize in pecker-babble, or trying to practice situation ethics and moral relativism like their white counter parts, but it never works.

In Winsome’s case her kiddie perm is just hot for her head, and its clearly making her delusional.

Let’s be clear, you don’t get to cross us the Black community 3 times, just once.

Winsome sears should be more worried about pleasing her white paymasters than trying to ruffle our feathers, because the Black community put her in office, and we can get her out in half the time.

And please just put on a weave Winsome, your hair looks like it missed out on the latest hurricane relief package.

Marcus Davis, B1Daily

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