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Psaki Confirms Biden Administration Poised to Increase Police Funding

Democrats wants more funding for anti-Black killers.

Last week Biden administration press secretary Jenn Psaki spoke with Bill Hemmer and Dana Perino on America’s Newsroom, a conservative and staunchly white supremacist news program aimed at right leaning viewers.

Perino, an avid anti-Black racist and certified karen, pressed Psaki on ‘Jim Crow Joe’ Biden administration’s stance on crime and law enforcement.

Perino brought up the assertion that crime is at all time high, though she provided no empirical data to support this outrageous claim.

Never mind white authorities who have prototypically claimed that crime goes up whenever their funding is in question, are now claiming that the same law enforcement apparatuses armed with military vehicles, bombs, and fully automatic weaponry cannot stop an alleged marginal increase in violent crimes.

Psaki quickly responded stating that Biden “Wants to increase the funding of local police departments” confirming what the Black media had identified last year during our deep diving the George Floyd act proposed by congressional Democrats.

Democrats had attempted to quietly bolster police funding nationwide however competing caucuses in the party chose not to back the measure in the senate due to concerns over earmarks for their individual constituencies.

The George Floyd act named after a Black man murdered by white supremacist law enforcement personnel purposes $155 million additional dollars in funding for the Thugs with Badges. The act also leaves spending measures open for additional funding meant for “training” the police.

Psaki went on to explain that Biden has “never been in favor of the defunding of the police, and he (Biden) did everything he could to support the police despite the most radical (Black people) voices in the party.”

4 race soldiers Derek Chauvin (left) & (from left to right) Tou Thao, J. Alexander Kueng, and Thomas Lane murder George Floyd

Now that the Biden administration has officially revealed its hand concerning its handling of the enforcement arm of white supremacy, its important for Black citizens to take note.

The Democratic party has now openly stated that they fully support the perpetrators of anti-Black violence. They’ve refused to move on reparations for FBA’s and they’ve given financial leg ups to a myriad of minority groups meant to be buffers that insulate the white supremacist from us. And now they want to give more money to same men who gleefully strangled George Floyd to death just 20 months ago.

Black Americans as a bloc voted for this, and the consequences are just as immediate and damning as the Black intelligentsia warned.

Barrington Williams, B1Daily

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