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Biden Pushes For Even More Police Funding

The Biden administration regroups to continue their anti-Black war.

‘Jim Crow Joe’ Biden has officially announced that his administration plans to put more funding into America’s controversial anti-Black police.

During 2020 and 2021 race soldiers hiding under the aegis of “police” were constantly under fire from the Black polity. Militarized race soldiers began fearing that local citizens would show up to their homes in retaliation for anti-Black murders, police agencies across the country were being recognized for the black sites that they were with videos of protesters being kidnapped and detained in unmarked vans sent by these “agencies” going viral during the uprisings, and finally the defunding of anti-Black killers on the local front had become popularized as well as made its day view as a preeminent national issue.

However Biden has other plans.

Biden seems to want to undermine the mega-popular defund the police movement by funding murders like Derrick Chauvin, Daniel Holtzclaw, and Kim Potter at the expense of the federal government.

Oklahoma City Police Serial Rapist Daniel Holtzclaw

Its clear that Americans across thousands of localities don’t want hyper militarized racist patrolling their streets, so in return those citizens made the perfectly legal decision to pull back their tax dollars from these anti-Black agencies of death. The “Defund the Police” movement was born.

Convicted Race Soldier Derrick Chauvin

Biden wants to ignore the American populace’s wishes, something he seems to enjoy doing on a regular basis, to instead fund killers with a 100 year track record of mayhem and violence.

“It’s time to fund community policing to protect and serve the community,” Biden said.

Convicted Race Soldier Kim Potter smiles after murdering Daunte Wright

Biden echoed what white house press secretary Jenn Psaki told Fox news just 2 weeks ago, confirming that he was always against defunding the police and instead wanted them to have more money despite anti-Black murders like George Floyd or Charleena Lyles taking place just a few years ago.

“We’re not about defunding we’re about funding,” Biden continued.

Biden also openly threatened gun owners, saying that “There’s no amendment that’s absolute. You couldn’t buy a cannon when this amendment was passed. There’s no reason why you should be able to buy certain assault weapons.”

Following Biden’s Justice Departments recent crackdown on “ghost guns”, many Americans are wondering when his  Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) will decide to crackdown on Dominick Black who illegally purchased  a assault weapon for Kyle Rittenhouse who was a minor, or crackdown on any of the white supremacist terrorist groups like the ‘Proudboys’  who routinely brag that they get weaponry from local police departments that they consider to be “allies” in the race offensive against Black Americans.

Biden wants to target gun ownership now that more Black Americans than ever are purchasing firearms and retaliating against anti-Black murderers.

According to the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), in 2021 Black American gun ownership went up 58.2%. According to the Pew Research Center, Black citizens represent 25% of America’s gun owners.

So Biden wants to fund more race killers and rapist like the Lost Hills Sheriff’s department who also openly house white supremacist gangs akin to the ‘Lynwood Vikings’ or ‘Banditos’. While he simultaneously wants to take firearms away from the Black citizens who these forces primarily target for abuse.

‘Lynwood Vikings’ insignia tattoo
‘Los Banditos’ insignia tattoo

Biden couldn’t be clearer about where he stands on the subject of white supremacist violence or Black degradation.

Black Americans voted for Biden at an 8 to 2 ratio despite his 45 year anti-Black record, now as a group Black people will suffer the consequences for the actions of their kinfolk who decided to empower a clear anti-Black racist.

Sylvester Loving, Barrington Williams, B1Daily

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