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Israel Halts Ethiopian Immigration

Inter-Tribal conflicts continue to force Ethiopians to flee their homes, but without refuge, will they survive?

Israel’s Highest Court of Justice announced Wednesday that it will indefinitely freeze the moving of Ethiopian migrants from the neighboring Tigray region due to a new discovery confirming that a majority of the migrants are not Jewish.

Ethiopian migrants await entry into the Sudan

Over 2 million migrants have fled Ethiopia within the last year thanks to the most recent civil war over the mineral and water rights of the Tigray region. The current government led by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, Eritrean troops, and local militias loyal to the Ahmed administration are engaged in terrain warfare with the Tigray People’s Liberation Front, or T.P.L.F who consist of locals of the Tigray region who insist that Ahmed and thus Ethiopia has no legitimacy as rulers of the region.

Israelis attend Netanyahu removal rally, 2019

According to the High Court also called the Bagatz, most of the Ethiopian migrants fleeing their homeland are not actually Jewish or practicing Jews. The revelation comes as a shock considering that most of the migrants were assumed to be Beta-Israelis or Ethiopians who practice Judaism.

Ethiopian Map

The ongoing conflict between the Ethiopians reached a boiling point in November when Tigray militias nearly reached the Ethiopian capital of Addis Ababa before the Ethiopian military engaged in a day long firefight. While Tigray forces were repelled to the mountains in the Hiwane region, the incident shook the Ahmed administration and the nation. Shell casings indicated that Tigray forces were just about 60 miles away from the capital.

Multiple human rights organizations allege that the Ethiopian military has slaughtered 1000’s of civilians during the conflict. Satellite images of Tigray townships confirm that newly created burial mounds were strategically placed on the outskirts of cities so as not to be noticed or intruded upon.

Churches of Tigray mountainside

Now the Ahmad administration facing massive resignations from within his military ranks has deputized civilians to take action against their relatives that live in the Tigray region causing what many consider to be a lead up to genocide.

Known as Operation Yehudith, Isreal’s government sent IDF soldiers to rendezvous with Ethiopian refugees at a undisclosed location. The intended goal was to guarantee the safety of Beta-Israelis caught in between yet another inter-tribal conflict of African peoples.

Young Ethiopian sista emaciated from starvation. Authorities allege bandits burned her village’s farms
Aregawni Church burial mounds, satellite imaging provided by Human Rights Report

Prime Minister Ahmad accused Naftali Bennett who is Prime Minister of Israel of harboring some 77 fugitives among the Ethiopian migrants.

“Most of those interviewed said that they had only recently made contact with their Israeli relatives. The impression given was that this was an elaborate plot to take advantage of the system.” said the Bagatz.

Refugee camp, Wikro, Tigray Region

Now the fate of the migrants, who have been displaced once more, will be left to be determined by an Israeli populace that is growing increasingly more conservative, and a Israeli government that sees no potential benefit to aiding impoverished migrants from an opposing ethnic group.

Sylvester Loving, B1Daily

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