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OP-ED: Black Immigrants Just Don’t Get It

Black Americans of this generation aren't here to debate you, we're here to destroy white supremacy, all of its machinations, and anyone else who would stand in the way of our empowerment.

Over the last week Black Twitterspaces have been filled with rigorous debating between the Foundational Black Americans or Blacks Descended from American Slavery and African (meaning outside of the continental united states) immigrants on the subject of immigration, specifically if it’s continuance helps Black Americans.

While Black Americans tended to insist that immigration not only dilutes Black citizens’ voting bloc since most Black immigrants tend to support whomever got them into the country in the first place, the conversations didn’t stop there. FBA commentators discussed their views on what they considered habitual disrespect demonstrated by immigrants towards Black Americans on a myriad of issues ranging from making fun of Black citizen’s icons who ironically fought for Black immigration rights, to colloquialisms or insulting names foreigners call FBA’s, to the fact that many foreigners receive financial assistance from social programs that Black American taxpayers are forced to fund, to the historical Black universities that immigrants tend to enroll in albeit with federal assistance.

African migrants trek across the Mediterranean for asylum

Black immigrants on Twitterspaces focused on the idea that native Black Americans believe that immigrants are “stealing their jobs”, an outdated argument used by pro-immigration advocates against Republicans who pushed for less immigration during the 1990’s. First and second generation Black immigrants tended to express the belief that native Black Americans are not the reason that they’re in the United States, to the contrary, Black immigrants expressed the idea that it was white liberals or pro-immigration advocates who were to thank for their stay in the country. Arguments also ranged from Black American’s are “lazy” or use the fact that they live in a white supremacist nation as a “crutch” for their “lack of achievement”, to the idea that Black immigrants are “dominating” the jobs market, and of course the idea that Black Americans are lesser than due to their former slave status.

While the staff was watching the social media cannon fire I began thinking about how much vitriol I was hearing from the non-native Black side of the Twitterspaces debates.

And all i could think was “These guys just don’t get it.

Black Immigrants really don’t understand that they’re isolating their only allies in this white supremacist hell hole.

The repeated name calling in foreign tongues, the immature screaming at FBA commentators, and the sheer lack of understanding the situation–of understanding where their places were as foreigners in the conversation about economic and socio-political effects of immigration on native Blacks demonstrates why Black immigrants had no allies just 3 months ago when the Biden white house began physically whipping them Haitian immigrants at the border. Or when Muhammad Noor was railroaded and the Black community stayed silent, or when the Botham Jean family was “outraged” about not getting a quickie payout from the city of Dallas and Black Americans applauded the city for refusing to pay them.

Video: Haitian migrant flees from white supremacist

Black immigrants don’t understand that all hostilities begin as benign neglect. Native Black Americans haven’t been speaking up for foreigners in the last 5 years and the white supremacist know it.

A prime example would be what happened to Latino migrants crossing the southern border in 2018. The then Trump administration began putting them in cages, some even being shown on public television like animals in a zoo.

But Black Americans sat out of that fight, because the Latino community has shown its blatant contempt of Black Americans for the last 40 years. Their transgressions include ethnically cleansing Black California neighborhoods by allowing MS-13 and other Latino biker gangs to firebomb Black owned homes in the area, the multiple Latino national representatives suggesting that if native Black Americans get reparation for the greatest crime in human history then Latinos should also get payments for their illegal crossings into the country, and their joining in on the anti-Black killings conducted by race soldiers like Jeronimo Yanez.

Rep. Alexandria Occasio-Crotez (D-NY) says reparations should be for Latinos for consequences suffered when crossing illegally

Black Americans will let immigrants suffer under white supremacy at first, but it won’t stop there.

As white supremacy looses its own numbers and it returns to normal level of viciousness demonstrated pre-reconstruction, it will look to the groups closest to it to attack, and other buffer groups will be in its sights. That’s when things are really going to turn ugly especially without native Black people to hide behind.

Latino migrants asleep in holding facility, NM

When the white supremacist decide that they’re done humoring these disparate ‘buffer’ groups and throwing them crumbs off of the table, it will begin the process of using resource deprivation on them, something they should be familiar with since that’s usually what they fled from in their home countries.

Eventually Black Americans will come to the conclusion that if immigrants don’t want to be around us then we shouldn’t be around them, and as a group Black citizens may begin looking towards options to revoke hostile immigrants’ new statuses or change our ancestors amendment so that anchor babies will no longer amount to automatic sanctuary in the country.

Latino migrant youth await trial in holding facility, AZ

Ask white supremacist like Bloomberg, Chauvin, or the entire Dallas police department when they’re not running away from gunfire. Black Americans can fight dirty, a lot dirtier than we’re fighting at the moment.

We want African and Caribbean immigrants to understand, your stay here is not only thanks to our Family, it can be ended by our Family as well. Immigrants don’t believe that the country can turn a 180 degrees on them and since native Black Americans control so much of the social discourse in the US it would only take us focusing on them for a few years at a time for a scenario like that to potentially happen.

Black Americans of this generation aren’t here to debate you, we’re here to destroy white supremacy, all of its machinations, and anyone else who would stand in the way of our empowerment.

Black immigrants have a choice; Play along with the bad guys like much of the Asian, Arab, and Latino communities have until your time runs out like it did for the treacherous mongoloid native Americans (who also participated in the slave trade), or fight the righteous fight against the bad guys with the only good guys this wicked country has ever known–the men and women who broke the chains of slavery.

Patrick Jackman, B1Daily

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