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Should Kamau Bell Be Sued?

Should Kamau Bell face legal consequences for his new documentary on Bill Cosby?

What’s worse than a serial liar? An opportunist willing to spread those lies.

The Kenyan-born washed up comedian Kamau Bell, is the face of controversy due to his recent documentary on multi-millionaire Bill Cosby.

NEW YORK, NY – AUGUST 09: Melissa Hudson Bell and W. Kamau Bell atttend the FX “Totally Biased” New York Premiere at Empire Hotel on August 9, 2012 in New York City. (Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images)

The documentary titled “We Need to Talk About Cosby,” seeks to examine what is now known to be baseless accusations of sexual impropriety levied against Mr. Cosby. But more importantly the film re-accuses Bill Cosby of sexual crimes he’s been cleared of in the court of law.

Bill Cosby (left) & Cosby Estate Publicist Andrew Wyatt (right)

The highly publicized film consist of nearly 2 hours of Cosby’s accusers many of which have already admitted in court to embellishing and outright lying about events concerning Mr. Cosby’s alleged impropriety.

Now many in the Black community who are rightfully upset about this project want legal action to be taken against Kamau Bell for slander and using third parties to echo defamatory statements previously disproven in the court of law. Bell has irrevocably harmed the reputation of Cosby and should be held accountable for his defamation of Mr. Cosby’s character in court.

Additionally Cosby may be entitled to damages, since he was not consulted prior to the release of slanderous documentary and was later denied the right contest the accounts of the women in the documentary.

Cosby’s Accusers whom have recanted testimonies, and been proven to have fabricated events concerning his dealings

Bell has ripped Cosby’s presumption of innocence to shreds and should compensate the Cosby estate for the emotional distress suffered during the course of this documentary’s premier.

The documentary is distributed by Showtime, a company with a lengthy history of sexual abuse. Just 4 years ago around the same time Cosby was being wrongfully imprisoned for crimes he did not commit, Showtime news anchor Mark Halperin was accused of rape by 6 different women, all whom claim the attacks were brutal and sanctioned by Showtime management.

One female claimed Halperin masturbated in a desk in front of an ABC News employee in his office and forced her to “watch and clean it up”, she then stated that he threw her against the wall and tried to force her to kiss him. Once she refused him, she said that Halperin told her she would “never work in politics or media again.”

Another female accuser of the ex-Showtime star claimed Halperin courted her in her college years and claims he told her to call him when she graduated for a job recommendation. However upon meeting Halperin at a restaurant, she alleges that he violently attacked her and attempted to force a kiss between them.

Accused Showtime sexual predator Mark Halperin

“He put both hands on my arms and threw me against the window of the restaurant hard. So my head banged against the window hard, in a way I thought people inside were going to think something terrible had happened to me,” she continued, “This was rough, and hard, and violent. And not in a seductive way — in a way that telegraphs some anger and meanness.”

“And he lunged at me,” she said, “with his body pressed against mine against the window and came at me with his open mouth.”
After she managed to escape she claims Halperin called her and threatened her, saying “You are never going to get a job. You’re never going to be hired in politics or media. Why would anyone ever hire you?”

Halperin victims

Both victims claimed Halperin threatened them, and that Showtime’s management let Halperin continue although the sexual assault claims had been brought to their attention.

Although Kamau Bell is dishonest, Showtime may be considered just as bad since they’re distributing known lies, while ignoring their own wrongdoings.

Showtime must also be held to account for their slanderous lies aimed at the Cosby estate, and legal action against their media enterprise should be considered.

Bill Cosby has been vindicated in the court of law, but the battle for his reputation has just begun.

Barrington Williams, B1Daily

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