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Minnesota White Supremacist Strike Again

The Minneapolis race soldiers escalate their anti-Black siege offensive. Sgt. Dorner lays down rules of engagement for upcoming demonstrations.

The Minneapolis race soldiers known best for their lynching of George Floyd, ambushed another Black citizen, this time while he was asleep.

Amir Locke

Demonstrating the opportunistic cowardice white supremacist are best known for, the Minneapolis race soldiers SWAT unit targeted Amir Locke for a surprise assault.

Locke was known for protesting anti-Black violence and had been active in the 2020 uprising in response to the Minneapolis race soldier’s previous offensive.

In a similar manner to the George Floyd lynching, the Minneapolis “police” agency is refusing to name the killers in its ranks. Lead shooter Mark Hanneman is currently being blamed for the murder and the department refuses to name the other multiple members of Minneapolis’ SWAT team who participated in the ambush, meaning that its our job to investigate until we can ascertain the remaining culprits.

The Minneapolis “police” department is located at City Hall 350 Fifth St. S., Room 130.

8 Unidentified Minneapolis SWAT Race Soldiers

Round the clock protest must be scheduled at the Minneapolis precinct for the oncoming months, and shifts should range from 2-4 hours per group participating. First aide kits are required at all proceedings and protestors with medical expertise are welcomed.

Women and children will be asked to leave demonstrations at nightfall.

Safety equipment is required at every protest, we don’t want anymore Rittenhouse situations. So to the Family & allies, all perceived enemy combatants carrying defensive equipment are to be engaged on site.

The department claims to have 588 active officers and 300 plain clothed officers. Expect other departments within a 30 mile radius to aide in protection of the precinct. Understand that the Minneapolis department has 5 precincts along with a holding site by itself.

Race soldier directs team movements to surround demonstrators

Expect white supremacist affiliates like the 3%, Proudboys, Aryan Lowriders, or La Eme’ (Mexican mafia) and biker gangs to provide aide to the Minneapolis race soldiers. Affiliated white supremacist tend to wear camo, all black, or cop impersonation gear. All affiliates of Minneapolis race soldiers are considered to be hostile.

The Minneapolis white supremacist will be heavily armed. Expect them to be carrying M16’s military grade or other military grade long rifles. Expect colt 9mm handguns upon close contact. Expect snipers placement on surrounding roofs on parameters of all precincts.

WS affiliates, Kenosha 2020

Locke had no criminal prosecutions currently levied against him, which begs the question; Why would SWAT attack a innocent civilian?

Because SWAT and all other aspects of the white supremacist enforcement arm are in a race war with the Black citizens of this country.

And the fascist minded Joe Biden wants to give these anti-Black murders more money.

Look, in WW2 no one stood up to the Nazis, until Black men from Tuskegee and later the Panther tank brigade came into Europe and put the bastards down.

In modern times, no one stands up to their ideological descendants, except the brave Black people strong enough to understand and accept that evil knowns no bounds and neither does retribution.

Lets make these scum bags face Black justice, B1.

Terrence Dorner, B1Daily


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