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Why Black Content Creators Are Leaving Spotify

Spotify knows it would never be able to survive without Black artist, but can it survive without Rogan?

Racist podcast host Joe Rogan is under fire yet again for a viral video showing the numerous times he’s made anti-Black comments including calling Black people apes and using the n-word.

Joe Rogan

Rogan is an employee of Spotify, a white-owned music platform that primarily uses Black content creator’s work to net billions in revenue who also recently underwent a news investigation confirming that white supremacist content if prolific throughout it’s platform.

Spotify received criticism for continuing to pay Rogan some $100 million for his podcast program that features famous white supremacist and lesser known “alt” right wing zealots.

In response to what many are calling Spotify’s endorsing of anti-Black racism, hundreds of Black artists announced the ending of their contracts with Spotify, contending that if the company doesn’t fire Rogan then it essentially agrees with his racist content.

Rogan’s racism is not isolated to himself. Most of the white detractors calling for his ousting have said the same racial slur or other anti-Black rhetoric meant to lead to the harming of Black people.

Black audiences have called out Rogan’s racism for decades now, and its clear that this video served to effectively galvanize Black content creators. What’s unclear is the response of the Black community.

Will the Black community allow this private white-owned organization to benefit off of our labor and talents while disrespecting us? And no, that’s not a reference to the NFL, NBA, or United States Military, its a challenge to the Family concerning the premier music company Spotify.

Rogan or white society’s unfettered racism is not new or uncommon, especially considering that its the American’s Black history month. But Black content creators reaction’s on these mega sized platforms like Spotify, are new. If Black content creators can successfully bring attention to the lack of revenue their contracts garner, while white supremacist like Joe Rogan get paid ridiculous amounts of money that’s generated by Black creators for lack luster podcast like his own.

Kendrick Lamar

Spotify knows it would never be able to survive without Black artist, but can it survive without Rogan?

Until Spotify fires Rogan and renegotiates payouts with all Black content creators or employees, it has officially branded itself has a white supremacist audio streaming platform.

-Sylvester Loving, B1Daily


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