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Family Pulls Up On Chu

The Family decides to give a white-supremacist collaborator a house call.

Hundreds of protestors pulled up outside of race soldier sympathizer and white supremacist collaborator Judge Regina Chu’s Minneapolis condo Friday night, and remained on the surrounding streets over the weekend.

Brotha allegedly pulls up on Regina Chu’s condo

Judge Regina Chu, who is at the center of national controversy awoke to several hundred demonstrators holding a rally in condemnation of what many see as her judicially biased ruling in the manslaughter conviction of anti-Black killer Kim Potter.

Judge Regina Chu

Chu sentenced Potter to just 2 years for 1st degree manslaughter of Daunte Wright a young Brotha from Minneapolis. Critics note that sentencing guidelines for 1st degree manslaughter recommend a mandatory minimum sentence of 7 years with a maximum of 15 years.

Chu ignored Minnesota sentencing guidelines, under the pretense of extraordinary circumstances. She is also on record requesting that court empathize with the embattled Potter.

Barrington Williams, B1Daily

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