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OP-ED: Why Attempting To Co-Opt FBA Reparations Equates to Contempt

For California or any other state assembly to leave an important humanitarian to a random debate between citizens of no meaningful stature, is not just disrespect, its outright contempt.

Watching California’s reparation open live stream was frustrating to say least.

Never have we seen California’s state legislature allow random citizens to debate a policy that the state claims is a humanitarian issue. It wasn’t allowed when the California state legislature gave Asian businesses $100 million just last year for “financial relief”, or when the state legislature made it illegal to impound illegals cars, or any of the times that the California state legislature allowed large sects of land millions of dollars in funding to go to $5 (usually white) “native” Americans.

But for some strange reason, when it comes to Black Americans with a direct lineage to those who were already promised 40 acres and a mule, who had their money stolen by the US government by its illegal draining of the Freedman’s Bank, or any of the land that’s been stolen from our families in the process.

California Reparations Task Force 4th meeting, Jan 29th, 2022

Foundational Black American means that you have a lineage that can be traced through the antebellum holocaust, you can trace your ancestors lives under the United States plantation system which was legal and prominent through private industry as well as government sanctioned labor, and that you’ve always categorized yourself as Black and never as anything else. In contrast to these qualifiers, immigrants chose to come to the United States and have a separate reparations claim with their own governments.

Fortunately for us, the white supremacist like to keep good records for bragging purposes, so its incredibly easy for us to trace our lineage back to the exact prison camp our ancestors were held in, to the buildings and roads that they were forced to construct, and even the architecture or inventions that FBAs created but credit was given to white supremacist who could steal it from them and pretend that the idea was theirs.

For California or any other state assembly to leave an important humanitarian to a random debate between citizens of no meaningful stature, is not just disrespect, its outright contempt.

For those who’d attempt to benefit from the pain and degradation of our ancestors’, they’re beyond forgiving.

US reparations are exclusively for FBAs. If any other African or Caribbean groups want to push or initiate their own reparations claims as subjects against their own governments or primarily European countries who made the most money from the selling of African bodies through the colony system, then have at it.

But stay out of FBAs way. We will consider any other group including whites who may claim to have a Black ancestor who their family members raped, to be working against are legitimate claim. To try and undermine our lineage’s compensation claim equates to defrauding FBAs. FBAs may need to consider legal action against groups or entities that are attempting to force their way into our reparations claim.

What’s most troubling is to know that people who FBAs opened our homes to and whom often looked like us are now trying to undermine us in the biggest fight against white supremacist in a century.

When looking at this type of duplicitous mentality, its no wonder that South American, African, and Asian nations have languished in their pathetic positions in contrast to the European nations who’ve for hundreds of years have reaped untold riches from these lands thanks to the complicity often of the very citizenry who inhabit these continental gold mines.

Instead of helping the only people fighting white supremacy, these groups have timidly accepted their place under it.

That much is self evident.

Kerry Hill, Sylvester Loving, B1Daily

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