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African Immigrants Get Another ‘Wake Up Call’

We Black people are all we have, and moments like this make it all the more apparent.

African immigrant students are being stopped at the western half of the Ukrainian border with students claiming that the most pronounced racism is being demonstrated at the Polish crossings.

“They told us they wouldn’t sell [anti-Black expletive]’s food, gas or water to us. It was only for white Ukrainians.” told Ibrahim, a pre-med transfer student from Nigeria.

“Most of the stores didn’t even say the word “white” they kept saying the Ukrainian phrase for pure Aryans, and we were met with guns aimed at us whenever we tried to approach to them to negotiate.” he finished.

Ukrainian-Polish border

Ibrahim’s data connection went out several times, as he stressed that towers in the area were either being seized by Russian forces or had fallen due to explosives of some sort.

Blacks in the Ukraine have been banned from public transportation as well, with hundreds of students going to social media to express their concerns.

“I was like really man? Not even a train or bus ride?” Ibrahim said.

Many Blacks were forced to walk to the Ukrainian border in temperatures as low as 21.2F.

“I didn’t have to, i decided to stay in my dorm but my some of my friends had to walk 14 hours to make it to the Polish crossing, and once they got there they were turned away and told to wait in a nearby field.

They were there for a day before they eventually came back here.” he finished.

Ibrahim says several of his friends got frost bite as a result of the extreme conditions.

For African immigrants, a common saying amongst us is that “Racism isn’t holding me back.” or “If they just worked harder like us then..” in response to obvious signs of racial aggression against our FBA kin. Its sickening and outright treasonous, and we have to be honest and admit that our parents polluted our outlook on our cousins in the US.

They were wrong, and if our parents were really right about “working harder than the barria” or “avoiding hanging out with those n-words” then the evidence of their successes would be apparent throughout our homelands.

I might not like the way the FBA Family corrected us, but it was a correction made out of love and respect, not spite. We’re family when it comes down to it, and may being denied food, water, and housing by ardent white supremacist even in a wartime scenario between two white nations, will make us come back to our senses.

We Black people are all we have, and moments like this make it all the more apparent.

Over the last month, the Black community has seen fights between Black immigrants and native Blacks Americans. One thing I can say is that FBAs may clown on us once in a while, but they never sank as low as to call African immigrants derogatory names meant to tear down there sense of self, like calling Black Americans “rape babies”, “slaves”, or claiming that they have no culture when we all know that we fancy their culture and imitate it the most.

We got cocky as a group and we need to be honest about that, but its never to late for the Black immigrant to rejoin the Family and take the vow of being B1.

Sylvester Loving, B1Daily

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