OP-ED: Pete Orput Finally Dies, Good Riddance

The Daily sends a white supremacist off the proper way.

Remember Pete Orput?

Pete Orput was the scumbag who decided to charge Kim Potter with second-degree manslaughter instead of murder for the killing of Daunte Wright after getting the case from Hennepin county white supremacist attorney Mike Freeman. Orput ended up getting punked‘ out by local activist who made a habit of pulling up to his house every day for months on end.

Pete Orput

Eventually, Orput ended up giving the case back to Freeman who also got punked‘ by the same protestors. Freeman finally gave the case to light-skinned par excellence, Keith Ellison, who also put on kid gloves for a hardened killer that laughed about her killing of Wright shortly after getting into jail.
Now news has arrived that Orput has died after a short battle with stomach cancer.

While cancer is a horrible disease, even I wouldn’t wish for it to have to spend a moment with a racist miscreant like Orput. I mean can you imagine?
Cancer is a degenerative disease, but how can it degrade that which was already rotten to core.

Men like Orput are vile, they do horrible things throughout their lives expecting to be able to hide from the communities that they swore to protect. Guys like Orput and Freeman cause irreparable harm in all of our lives, and when confronted about it, their only response is to grab their mayonnaise and run.

Well you scoundrel, you can run, but the Family will chase you to Hell itself.

So yeah we’re dancing on this white supremacist’s grave, in fact we’re doing the nae-nae on top of this guys grave.

The world is a better place without anti-Black racist like Orput, and may the ancestors haunt him for rest of eternity, which is certainly more than a duplicitous sleaze like him deserves.

Marcus Davis, B1Daily

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