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Blacks at Grocery Store Targeted in Latest White-Supremacist Terrorist Attack

Elderly Black populace targeted once again in latest white supremacist domestic terror attack.

On Saturday a 18-year old white supremacist named Payton Gendron ambushed a small Buffalo grocery store where he committed a mass killing meant to insight terror in the Black community nationwide.

Peyton Gendron

Gendron had stalked his target, the Tops store on Jefferson avenue located in the corner of Elmwood village, for weeks. He repeatedly surveyed the area and often talked to civilians in around the shopping center. The tops store is situated just 300 yards from Martin Luther King park.

The terrorist had the N-word and several other racial epithets aimed at Black people written on the sides of his rifle, a bushmaster xm-15. as he ambushed the store filled with mostly elderly civilians.

The attacker killed 10 while wounding 13, a majority of them being Black and proceeded to then give himself up without a fight to the Buffalo “police” department, a agency with a history of targeting Black civilians itself.

Gendron was not harmed in the process of his arrest.

Gendron’s manifesto states that his fear of the replacement of white people also known as the “great replacement theory” for his primary reasoning for the terror attack. The “replacement theory” provides no scientific analysis other than white Americans’ inability to birth at a comparative rate to virtually every other race in the country, to justify its biases. Its proponents often claim that there is an imaginary “attack” on white people and their “cultural contributions” excluding the mass genocide and subsequent anti-Black apartheid rule.

Gendron family

The theory has even been promoted on white cable networks such as Fox news, MSNBC, and CNN despite mass killers including Andrew Brevick, Dylan Roof, and now Peyton Gendron citing the theory in their manifestos.

Former US President Donald Trump kicked off his 2015 presidential campaign by sounding of several components of the theory at dozens of his events, prior to the events of the white supremacist terrorist attack at Charlottesville where 1 person was killed and hundreds were injured.

Yet there has been no national discussion concerning the banning of “replacement theory”, a convoluted ideology mired in ethno-identitarianism that clearly has led to violence, in the larger society.

He livestreamed the attack on the social media platform Twitch. Despite clear guidelines set by its own board of directors regarding Twitch’s policy on violence, the company did not cut the livestream feed, during the attack, further solidifying that Twitch’s organizational structure may house white supremacists’, or given its organization’s anti-Black track record, may be a white supremacist company itself.

Gendron was a regular on white supremacist chat boards such as 4chan and 8chan and Reddit.

The Buffalo “police” department has been slow to release any information related to the shooter outside of his name and previous criminal record which includes threats of murder, to the general populace.

B1 Daily reached out the Buffalo PD for their statement concerning the shooter’s manifesto, in which he details his plans to ambush the store, his body armors of choice, his weaponry and potential responses of law enforcement.

Additionally, multiple victims of the attack report being hung up on by Buffalo PD dispatchers during the attack, furthering suspicions of a potential collusion between the embattle law enforcement agency and the white supremacist domestic terrorist.

Witnesses at the scene also claim that the Buffalo PD left the dead bodies of the terrorist’s victims on the ground for nearly an hour.
The Buffalo Police Department has refuse to comment on any of these matters.

Barrington Williams, B1Daily

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