RAMPAGE: The New White Supremacist

What are the modern white identatarian's battle strategies & tactics?

White supremacy is a virus that constantly evolves.

As the white supremacist continue to lose numbers in terms of total population, the tactics, weaponry, and goals of its asymmetrical forces have changed greatly.

While the newest form of white supremacy may seem to be a return to rouge vigilantism demonstrated by large white mobs of the 19th and 20th century, one should be careful to consider that in modern times, outrageous acts of group white vigilantism can be counteracted easier thanks not only to the proliferation of firearms in the country but the usage of social media livestreams, allowing people to identify white marauders in real time.

Now that the soon to be majority non-white populace of America has understood that white vigilantism equates to white terrorism, there can be no open supporting of group white vigilantism by the US government for fear of losing credibility amongst international community.

This has brought forth the next generation of white supremacist.

A younger, leaner version of itself that uses terroristic tactics on an individual basis rather than team coordination. Tactics such as implementing explosives near governmental grounds, using assault weapons to target civilians or non-combatants, often strategically looking for events or venues with the most people to harm, and utilizing their incestuous connections to the legal and law enforcement communities to avoid investigation leading up to the attacks and ensure safe passage after the attacks.

Rampage is a 2009 movie about an disgruntled white youth who decides to commit a mass shooting in his hometown and can be considered to be an appropriate descriptor for the new white supremacist. Its a movie that every Black person should watch, as it is a introduction course (albeit basic) to the current strategies of the irregular forces of white supremacy.

Rampage film, 2009

For start, a majority of the mass shootings and terroristic incidents since 1999 have been committed by attackers under the age of 21. These terrorist are being indoctrinated at a young age by their parents and extended family members.

What are white parents and more importantly, what is white society teaching their kids in the home?


A majority of the Rampage movie consist of the white protagonist obtaining body armor through online marketplaces. As he carries out his attack on his hometown he covers himself from head to toe with bullet resistant armor.

The white identity-extremist, Peyton Gendron, listed dozens of different types of body armor in his manifesto. Even going as far as describing different scenarios in which certain armor would be most effective. In total 38 pages of his 108 page manifesto, or a third of his document revolved around protecting himself from civilians who may carry firearms, but lack armor piercing ammunition.

The white terrorist typically clad themselves in level 2A and up body armor, meaning that most ammunition under calibers of .223 or .556 will fail to neutralize them. All ammunition used in return fire should have steel rods inside of bullets, as well as brass or steel casings.


From Dylan Roof monitoring the Mother Emanuel church for 2 weeks prior to his attack, to Anders Breivik stalking the labor movements headquarters prior to his massacre, to Peyton Gendron routinely surveying the Tops store and MLK park in Buffalo, the white extremists believe in scouting a area prior to any attacks.

Surveying is typical in many lines of field work, however the white supremacist have taken to surveying areas not for combatant or hostiles, but exactly the opposite. The white supremacist scout areas without armed security or armed civilians. If the area does have some security personnel, they then check to see if any of the security will have weaponry or ammunition that could have potentially fatal risk to them.

White extremist often search for areas packed with women, children, and elderly. Women and children usually don’t carry a weapon of any sort, and are also slow to respond in situations of danger due to confusion. While elderly often aren’t strong enough to carry a weapon and aren’t mobile enough to escape the fire zone.


Fore armed is fore warned.

Typically white identitarians prefer long rifles thanks to its carrying capacity (in terms of ammunition), overall durability, performance, ease of usage, and accuracy.

AR-15 style long rifles or assault weapons tend to be popular amongst white males thanks to their lack of recoil and the ability to more easily add accessories to the weapon.

Common extensions that will be used consist of thermal scopes, drum mags, attachable cranks, flash lights, iorn sights, charging handles, rail covers, dot sights, silencers, and extended magazines. Vertical forward grips and bump stocks essentially enhance the firing capacity thanks to the devices making the weapon easier to wield.

In terms of .556 ammo typically 55 grain rounds like M193 will be seen. Often steel casings are used since they’re cheaper and as seen in the Columbine attack, green tipped ammo may be used preemptively since shooters often don’t know who has a protective vest on.

They will have high capacity magazines that can easily hold 100 rounds. In a sustained firefight with these thugs, expect to see tracer ammunition.


All of the white supremacist youth’s manifestos have a consistent pattern of the children claiming that they are “being made fun of” or are mention a inability to court females of their same race.

Which brings up a critical point.

So much of the rage pushing the young white supremacist forward happens to be the idea that they’ve lacked success in the sexual marketplace. Their biggest complaint of course being that white women allegedly ignore the white males and instead entertain non-white men, particularly Black men.

This may be the age old fear of the Black phallus or Black genetic dominance, but there is an additional layer to this outcry; White males are now openly targeting white females as apart of these terrorist attacks. The white males have now decided that if they cannot monopolize the reproductive capacity of their female counterparts, then they instead will add them to enemies list.

During the Charlottesville Nazi rally, a white supremacist named James Fields killed a white woman name Heather Heyer by running into her with his car. Brenton Tarrant’s manifesto had a section dedicated specifically towards his hatred of white women. Peyton Gendron’s manifesto references white women as “race traitors” and “blood mixers” as well as a series of other pejoratives.

The 8 white supremacist accused of attempting to kidnap Michigan Governor Whitmer, all wrote sexist comments on their social media page, and court documents reveal that they even “joked” about sexually assaulting her.


These white extremists are cowards and there’s no act of violence or deceit beyond them.

Similar to the terror attacks carried out by the Boer Nazis of South Africa during the end of apartheid, most white supremacist choose to bomb buildings simply as a pretense to throw oncoming law enforcement off their trail.

Though Anders Breivik set off a bomb at the Norwegian labor movement’s headquarters in Oslo, that was just a distraction. He wanted to draw law enforcement away from his true target, which was the island of Utoya.

Timothy McVeigh bombed Murrah  federal building in Oklahoma prior to his shooting attack.


White identity-extremist prefer to have targets that are trapped in an area, maximizing the casualties they are able to cause. They often maneuver victims into a secluded area, a dead end or an area with an large corner.

They start by running and shooting around the edge of a group of people, so as to make them run or ‘stampede’ like a herd. Once they vacate to rooms that the shooter has scouted, he/she then proceeds to check the corners of the rooms, which usually tend to be hiding spots of civilians.

Shooters want closed rooms, or areas with one route of entry.


White identitarians collude with law enforcement, often having family members apart of police agencies. This means when they usually give up without a fight and are taken in without shots being fired by police, they understand that they are being given a guise of protection.

Civilians must be prepared to neutralize shooters prior to law enforcement coming to protect them.

Don’t be shocked if the intelligence community refuses to ask who the shooter’s affiliates may be, they are protecting them. Its not in white supremacy’s interest to destroy its own irregular foot soldiers.

Be aware that the white media will refuse to name the shooters for several hours if not days. This will allow social media companies to scrub the internet of any information concerning the attackers identity, background, affiliates, or ideological rants. This gives the white media the ability to label each subsequent attacker as a “lone wolf” who was “crazy”, not motivated by replacement theory or any other anti-Black concepts promoted by the white media.

Finally this will allow the white attacker to further promote his/her ideologies to the larger society, even if they’re doing it from behind bars. The white media essentially artificially creates a martyr for their cause.

Remember, white identity-extremist always, always, always look for soft targets. Avoid being without a firearm in public, always have protective gear under your clothes, and always carry at least 2 clips of armor piercing ammunition on your waist at all times. Becoming a hard target is easier than remaining a soft target, or ending up dead.

Terrence Dorner, Barrington Williams, B1Daily


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