Mackie Opens New Studio

Anthony Mackie returns to his hometown to open up a new production studio.

Anthony Mackie the actor who donned the Falcon uniform in Disney’s cinematic version of the Avengers’ and who also stars in the now hit show Falcon & the Winter Soldier is in the process of opening a production studio.

Anthony Mackie

Mackie decided to return to his hometown of New Orleans to create his new studio after his recent successes in the Marvel cinematic universe, purchasing 20 acres of land to build on. Mackie grew up in the area, attending the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts before attending Julliard in the drama division where he graduated in 2001.

The star plans to base his new production company, East Studios LLC, inside of the new studio and maybe even purchase additional land if more space is needed.

Anthony Mackie as new Captain America in TV series Falcon & the Winter Soldier

Mackie is known as a sort of whiz in the movie industry due to his combination of acting, writing, and directing skills. He may be famous for his role as a superhero in the Avengers, but he also directed critically acclaimed biopic, The Banker, as well as Outside the Wire a sci-fi dystopian action-drama.

New Orleans Mayor Cantrell even shouted him out on Twitter.

New Orleans is quickly becoming a production hub of the south, with several tv shows like Into the Badlands, American Horror Story, and Trem be produced in the city. New Orleans studios have also created large scale productions like Django Unchained, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, and Blue Bayou.

Kel McKnight, B1Daily

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