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OP-ED: Why Black Men Don’t Support Child Terminations

Why do Black men not support the killing of unborn babies? Barrington Williams gives the take.

Abortion in the United States started as the perfectly legal experimentation on Black women who were slaves and illegal experimentation on free Black women.

Outside of George Carver, James Marion Sims is considered to be the “father of genealogy” despite his use of heinous methods of torture implemented on slaves, all under the legal aegis of “medical research”. He would later be considered the “father of gynecology” thanks to his butchering of Black women to justify his sick obsession of sadism.

Depiction of enlsaved Black woman being force unto wooden ‘operating table’ of James Marion Sims
Left to right: Nia Calloway, Joel Ripka, Naomi Lorrain, Stephen James Anthony and Cristina Pitter in Behind the Sheet.Credit: Jeremy Daniel

Stories of Sims’ horror are of legend. Most Black women who he experimented on had their uterus removed or so severely scarred that they were unable to have children. Sims was said to strap Black women down to wooden tables, and stick metal rods of sorts into their vaginas.

This is the level of evil that the white supremacist praise and have always praised. Margaret Sanger and her modern day version of a white eugenics initiative with the new name of “Planned Parenthood” is just the most recent drop in the bucket, and the bucket is filled with the blood of millions of Black women and children.

White society has a code of conduct, and part of their code is to inflict as much harm to Black life or deprive Black citizens of resources as often as possible. Killing your child is the number one way to accomplish their goal, while making it harder for you to reproduce falls to a close second on their list.

Planned Parenthood is a white supremacist eugenicist organization, and with a little bit of research, one can unmask hundreds of these front-groups, all with the same goal in mind; Eliminate Black life.
For 400 years white society has made it a habit to attack, malign and assault our women.

On the plantations, sick experiments were done like this while Black men were either held at gunpoint by guardsmen or more often had threats levied against their families if they retaliated. Other instances involved the selling of our children to different white supremacist who ran different labor camps, using our children as alligator bait, bringing our children around white pedophiles so that they may assault them, and even slicing our women’s stomachs open and ripping the babies out just so they could stomp them to death.

Pro-life activist march during recent Roe ruling

But we’re supposed to trust white society when they tell us that they want to kill our young because its not “our choice” to be involved in.

Well IT IS Black men’s choice to involved. Black women are our mothers, sisters, wives, and daughters and they’re our primary responsibilities.

This idea that the larger society’s opinion of our family members’ bodies or health is more important than ours is absurd and outright offensive.

When the US government wants to mandate that everyone in the nation must wear a mask on federal properties, but then allows its executive branch to go so far as to suggest that a immature slogan like “my body my choice” should actually be considered a valid legal argument when debating the subject of a medical procedure.

The insanity is real.

Its illegal to ask women when they’re under anesthetic and other medications if they want to have their tubes tied, or for these “clinics” to attempt to coerce a minor into a dangerous and life changing procedure like a abortion without consulting with a legal guardian. Its morally wrong to tell a Black woman that she shouldn’t want to have her child when the privately owned and non-Black funded organization offering to harvest her child will turn around and sell her fetus’s cells to other companies.

Have we as Black men looked into who’s setting up these “clinics” and the funding behind them? Most “family planning clinics” (which is an ironic name considering they specialize in making sure families aren’t produced) are started by non-Black organizations with an agenda to depopulate the Black community.

As a man who’s has seen many Sistas lament their choices to have a early child terminations, I’ve unfortunately had to witness the damning side effects.

Abortion advocates have been keen on using to excuse that victims of rape will be affected by the recent Roe v Wade overturning by the supreme court. Well despite most studies proving that less than 2% of all abortions procedures done are a result of a sexual assault, people are entitled to believe what they want but emergency procedures have not been outlawed and have never been outlawed.

These fetus killing procedures cause our Sistas to have severe mental stress or experience a wealth of shame and guilt thanks to their killing of their own child. In many cases women have trouble having a kid again after having a abortion, or get infections that sometimes require surgeries to get rid of.

Its time that we step up as men, and make our families’ well beings our top priority, regardless of how a small segment of our own women who have been deranged and disconnected from their natural sense of motherhood claim to feel.

The hoodrats’‘ twerking at Dallas’s abortion protest do not speak for Black society, quite the opposite, they are the scum of our group and should be referenced as such.

If you can’t have a child due to external circumstances then use one of the literal hundreds of kinds of contraceptives available on the open market (and usually covered by most health care providers) or abstain from intercourse all together.

Black men understand that the larger society wants our families as vulnerable as possible, which is why we’re taking the first steps in securing our homes by saying no to eugenics.

Barrington Williams, B1Daily

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