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Nelson Piquet Must Be Banned

Sylvester Loving examines the international racing community's silence in the face of anti-Black racism.

Brazilian racer or racist Nelson Piquet is under fire for anti-Black comments he made about the world’s best racer and her majesty’s ‘Fastest Knight‘, Lewis Hamilton.

Lewis Hamilton and father Anthony Hamilton

Nelson, who’s son is a disgrace to international racing thanks to infamous ‘Crashgate‘ Scandal where Nelson Piquet Jr. intentionally crashed his car into other drivers to give a quick edge around to his teammate, Fernando Alonso.

In the interview below, Piquet can be seen speaking to a reporter where when asked about Hamilton’s recent crash that was not committed intentionally unlike Piquet’s son’s 08′ blunder, Piquet seemed to go on a tirade, calling Hamilton a ‘neguhino’ which is the Portuguese translation for the n-word. Piquet used the slur twice in the interview.

Piquet’s odious comments in the past should’ve already been sufficient for his banning.

From Piquet referring to his former teammate and rival Nigel Mansell as an “uneducated blockhead” to his calling Mansell’s wife “ugly”, to accusing other teammates like Ayrton Senna of being gay, and going as far as mocking Carlos Reutemann in the aftermath of the ultimately fatal incident with the mechanic at Zolder in the 1981 Belgium GP opener.

Stefano Domenicali must call for Nelson to relinquish or risk being stripped of his F1 titles. Domenicali must also call for the lifetime ban of Piquet despite his current retirement. Formula 1 should also call for commissions similar to the Hamilton commission, that examine the anti-Black inequities of staffing in the F1, the lack of Black drivers, cost or educational barriers to Blacks looking to race, and clearer punishments for those who disgrace the racing community like Piquet.

Nelson Piquet, former F1 driver

Piquet humiliated the Formula 1 community similarly to how Hamilton has repeatedly humiliated Piquet’s son in just about every race that they’ve had the opportunity to compete against each other.

Regardless of his personal disdain for Hamilton’s now legendary greatness, Formula racing has no excuse for allowing anti-Black racist like Piquet to be associated with the company in anyway, including benefiting financially off of related sponsorships, advertising or endorsements.

Formula 1 reaches millions of tellys across the world, but it risks destroying its brand if it does not move to swiftly and severely punish racist like Nelson Piquet.

Sylvester Loving, B1Daily

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