Carolyn Bryant Arrest Warrant Retrieved

Will the 88 year old villain finally be brought to justice?

Carolyn Bryant or Carolyn Madge Holloway, is the woman who’s lie was used for the justification of the attack and murder of Emmitt Till, has a active warrant out for her arrest for her accessory to the murder of Emmitt Till.

Emmett Till Legacy Foundation, holds rally in Drew, Mississippi, 2022

Despite the Biden administration’s best attempts to deny the Till family justice, including closing the 60 decade old case this year, the Till family says it was able to find the warrant after pressing the Leflore County courthouse for access to archives. The family also said that requesting access to the archives was a lengthy process and considers it unusual since Mississippi’s policy on requesting documents previously required no special verifications.

Carolyn Bryant, 1955 (left) & 2022 (right)

The age old tale of Emmitt Till, the young Black child who was kidnapped and murdered by not just a gang white supremacist, but a entire town, a state, and eventually a nation.

Till was abducted on August 28, 1955 by a small group of 8-12 white males, the exact number of which actually partook in his kidnapping is under investigation. Bryant was said to be present at the event when they gang dragged the child out of his home at gun point. They would then torture and murder the 14 year old child.

But white supremacy is efficient if nothing else.

Roy and Carolyn Bryant’s grocery store, 1955

The town of Drew, Mississippi conspired to hide Till’s body. First with local law enforcement refusing to head Till’s mothers and uncle’s pleas for an investigation into the white marauders who murdered him, and later by the state investigators who would deem his death a suicide.

It would be 4 days before Till’s body was recovered, thanks to two children who were playing near a swamp borders the Tallahatchie River.

The Drew police, who at the time were best known for their aiding of white mobs in its theft of Black citizen’s land and property, attempted to hide all evidence of Till’s murder. This even included an attempt destroy the picture of Till’s remains once his body was recovered.

However, this plot was thwarted by brothas whom were members of Black fraternities (back when they were still effective organizations), and they smuggled the pictures of Till’s gruesome remains across state lines. They would be caught and tortured by Mississippi sheriff deputies and county police for days, but they refused to reveal the location of the pictures or any information on the civil rights activist who had just started to investigate the murder.

Alpha Phi Alphas pose 1955

Once the brothas delivered Till’s pictures to his Mother, she went public wanting the world to see what evil racist did to her son, and thus setting off the powder keg for the 3rd and most prominent civil rights movement.

The anti-Black conspiracy didn’t stop their though, as in 1955 the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) would determine no foul play in Till’s murder despite their own investigation leading to dozens of towns people admitting either watching Till’s murder, participating in the killing, or aiding in the covering up of the remains of Till’s body.

Of course, the town of roughly 1000 white citizens at the time conspired to hide evidence and refused to name the actual killers of Till or where his body was hidden. This led to the authorities pinning the murder on only two men, Roy Bryant, Carolyn Bryant’s husband and J.W. Milam another local business owner. Roy Bryant owned the store where Till allegedly “flirted” with his Carolyn Bryant.

The usual kangaroo court or “trial” started, and within 1 hour both were predictably acquitted.

Roy Bryant and J.W. Milam , September 1955

A Mississippi’ court, dozens of police agencies, sheriffs departments, and the FBI all conspired to cover up the murder of a Black child.

Till’s mother mourns him in front of the world, Roberts Temple Church of God in Christ, November 3, 1955
Evil Personified

Now calls have grown to deafening roars as the Black community wants Bryant arrested and trialed for her part in the kidnapping and murder of Emmitt Till.

Though many worry she will be shown leniency due to her age, Black activist assert that letting her off once again could be seen as an affront to the Black community nationwide, and have untold consequences for the country.

Bryant whose hands are covered with a child’s blood has lived a peaceful life having 3 children of her own and 4 grandchildren that can be confirmed at the time.

She has refused to turn herself in for 66 years and has “alluded” law enforcement despite her whereabouts being public for some time. Bryant is said to now be residing in Ralleigh North Carolina.

-Barrington Williams, Sylvester Loving, B1Daily

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