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OP-ED: Jayland Walker’s Murder Was a Message Well Received

What will the Family's reprisal be for this vicious attack?

Family, there will always be causalities in any battle, especially when you’re outnumbered or more succinctly put, outgunned.

The Walker Family, Jayland Walker (center)

Jayland Walker was one of those many casualties in this ongoing campaign of violence aimed at our people, and like most murdered before him; He was under-prepared when he was ambushed by a pack of white supremacist and their sympathizers.

While the forensics ballistics indicate that 46 shots were taken by 8 officers said to be a part of the Akron Thugs with Badges and 5 plain clothes personnel assumed to also be associated with Akron’s race soldiers. Additionally exit wounds from Walker’s body indicated that he was surrounded and shot, with a majority of those shots (24) going into his back, according to Lisa Kohler, the Summit county medical examiner. Though remaining wounds were found on the front and sides of Walker’s body further indicating that this was akin to the standard ambush attack that’s typically carried out by the white supremacist.

Now, what will the Family’s answer be?

Protest erupt across Akron, 7/7/2022

Yes, we already know that Jayland’s mother (if you can truly call her that) is giving a shallow response, saying that she wants “justice” but at the same time refusing to directly call out this incident for what is was; A racial attack.

Yes Jayland’s intermediate family may be looking for a quickie payout but the real Family in the streets wants justice and the Black definition of justice is defined as bringing the criminals who murdered this young man down.

Where are the Family’s reprisals?

Let’s start with the basics.

The Akron police department is refusing to name the individuals involved in this murder so we’re just gonna go ahead and consider them all to be hostiles.

Akron Police Agency Chief Stephen Mylett

Akron police agency consists of 498 officers. Their patrol unit contains 175 combatants with 5 additional plain clothes combatants.  They’ve quickly removed their staff directory from public access following this attack so we found some of their members contact information and will continue to release information on the entire staff until we are able to confirm the identities of the murders in questions.

Concerned citizens may also join our publication in our information request to the Akron police agency and its supervisory commissions.

 Their home base is stationed at 217 s high st Akron, approximately 6 kilometers westbound of Grace Park which can be considered a marker for the downtown area. The municipal building is located just 2 klicks southbound.

The department uses a standard encryption for their radio feeds, implementing P25 AES-256 back in 2018. However, there’s a chance they updated their security measures following the 2020 uprising, so its possible they’re using a different encryption key for their radio feed. The mobile computing systems or computers systems in dispatch vehicles are manufactured units from Brite technologies.  

Their mobile computing unit of choice has been the Fujitsu TeamPad720A since 2015. No indications of an update on this security measure.

Potential firepower includes 9mm M&P pistols, Bushmaster XM15-E2S semi auto rifle or an M&P15, a Remington 870 for their heavy blows.  Additionally any revolver is justified for usage by off duty officers according to their procedurals which mirrors Columbus’s and Cincinnati’s procedurals.

In response to bounties being put on officers Chief Steve Mylett of the Akron police department stated that officers will be going without identification including name tags indefinitely.

Expect Level 3 or level 4 vest with steel plates for standard body armor worn Akron police.

Lenco Bearcat seen outside of protest
Bell Helicopter model N558CP

Aircrafts used by the department may have come from private lender or from Columbus police agency. Dozens of tweets by protestors at a July 7th demonstration showed a blue and black helicopter that can be seen circling the perimeter of the area appears to be the same or a similar model of the Bell N558CP which is the same used by the Columbus police department until its recent decommission in 2020.

White-supremacist terrorist origination, Patriot Front

Officers can also be seen standing off with protestors behind armored vehicles that resemble the Lenco Bearcat, and may have been provided them by the Defense Logistics Agency, a federally originated agency that provides a surplus of battle equipment to the nation’s white supremacist in times of upheaval.

All auxiliaries aiding Akron law enforcement in their attempts to quell protestors should be considered hostile until further notice. Coordination efforts of marches should be spread out to avoid potential herding or allowing the race soldiers to create encirclement around demonstrators. Women and children should be off the streets by 9pm. All demonstrators are advised to carry personal protection and team coordination is recommended.

Terrence Dorner, B1Daily

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