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Should Lynn Fitch Face Charges?

Should Mississippi AG Fitch face criminal charges for abetting white supremacist terrorists?

Lynn Fitch is in hot water as protestors continue rattle their sabers at her office on social media thanks to her latest racist actions as Mississippi AG.

Mississippi AG Lynn Fitch
Lynn (right) posses with former President Donald Trump (left)

The Mississippi attorney general Lynn Fitch is now refusing to bring charges against admitted liar and terrorist, Carolyn Bryant, one of the townspeople responsible for the murder of Emmitt Till.

This of course should be no surprise to anyone, considering that Fitch has a long history of aiding and abetting white supremacist elements in law enforcement.

Just last month Mississippi saw thousands protestors march near Leigh Mall in protest of Fitch’s decision to not prosecute a race soldier who attacked and murdered a young Black man.

Canyon Boykin, the white supremacist who murdered Ricky Ball, was a member of the Columbus race soldiers for a decade, and is also a known neo-Nazi thought to be associated with the Aryan Protestant Brotherhood (APB) a newer criminal syndicate organization that uses white-identatarian principles as its recruitment tool.

Columbus Race Soldier, Canyon Boykin

Fitch’s office had gotten the case after the local DA transferred it up to avoid bias or impartiality. However within a month Fitch’s office had determined that white supremacist killer was innocent of murder or in this case manslaughter. In a two-sentence statement, Fitch’s office said its review of the evidence concluded that “Boykin had acted in self-defense.”

Ricky Ball (right), Canyon Boykin (left)

Now Fitch’s office is refusing to prosecute Carolyn Bryant, the woman who has admitted her role in the murder of Emmitt Till.

Bryant who revels in her part of the killing, now has a book out claiming that she didn’t think her fellow white supremacist would “go that far” on a 14 year old child.

Carolyn Bryant

Fitch is clearly aiding and abetting a criminal and should have her law license stripped under the pretense of a violation of her oath of office, obstructing justice and promoting anti-Black violence through her tenure.

But even past losing her license, should Fitch face criminal charges? To onlookers, it appears that her office has not only refused to do its job in carrying proper representation of the state and its citizens, but also may be collaborating with criminal elements in order to induce or abet anti-Black terrorism.

Fitch’s office is located in Walter Sillers Building and is sectioned on 550 High St, Jackson, MS 39201. Their phone number is 601.359.3680

To reach out to the Mississippi Bar Association click here.

To request the DOJ to review Fitch’s office latest decision, contact their office here.

Barrington Williams, B1Daily

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