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Grassroots Preparing for DC Reparations Rally

The community prepares for its first annual reparations rally in Washington, DC.

With the November midterms looming, all eyes are looking towards the Black grassroots to set the national tone going into 2023, and what better way to take the first step in expressing the community’s agenda by rallying behind a hot button issue? 

Enter the 2022 Black American Reparations rally, an event first conceived by grassroots activists in the summers of 2020 and 2021, and that is finally coming into fruition this year. Although hundreds of individual reparations rallies have been held across the country since the 2020 uprisings, none were nationally organized instead opting for a local response suited more towards each communities own area of stay.

This reparations rally promises some of the biggest names among the grassroots including Rizza Islam, Tariq Nasheed, Jade Arendelle, Dr. Boyce Watkins, Dr. Ma’at, Connie Collins, Professor James Smalls, Dr. Kaba Kamene, Marcel Dixon and many more. 

Brotha Rizza Islam
Marcel Dixon
Dr. Boyce Watkins

Film director Tariq Nasheed has offered to start the bidding for Black security companies interested in contracting with the grassroots for the upcoming event.

The rally is set for the weekend of November the 5th in downtown DC near Freedom Plaza. Click here to signup and click here to visit the official reparations rally website.

Keep your ear to the streets Family!

Kerry Hill, B1Daily

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