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Abrams’ Poll Numbers Suffer

Georgia Gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams continues to suffer in latest Gallup polling. Is her falling numbers with Black voters to blame?

In the latest opinion polling conducted by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution Abrams is trailing Gov. Brian Kemp by a 10 point with a marginal error of 3.1%.

Georgia Gubernatorial Candidate Stacey Abrams

Abrams, who is running against Kemp for the second time is unsurprisingly having trouble with Black voters who since the July Quinnipiac as well as September Axios polling had her down just 5 points in a tight race, but now has evolved to her biggest enthusiasm gap of her short political career.

After polling at 88% with potential Black voters in July, Abrams has now lost 11 points in that sub-category as well, sitting at 77% with Black voters overall and 38% with males statewide.

The Abrams campaign is flailing on social media, since she was confronted by grassroots activists wanting to hear her stance on the matter. Abrams said that she doesn’t agree with cash payment reparations for Foundational Black Americans. And dodged the matter of rather she supports reparations at all.

Despite Abrams in the past vaguely insinuating that she supports reparations, she has appeared to falter in recent interviews.

Now, with her political career on the line, the Abrams camp wants to know how to court the Black vote and how to more effectively communicate with the grassroots.

“We’re really trying to use social media to reach out to the community because we feel that the communities affected most by Gov. Kemp’s policies should be heard.” said a staffer who wished to remain unnamed.

But when asked rather Abrams supported cash payment reparations for FBA’s the staffer insisted that “She’s been clear on her support for restitution for Black Americans who have been harmed by racism, and she’s open to trying to understand the specific remedies involved.”

A murky answer, for perhaps a murky result.

Black voters have also notably swung right on major issues like gun rights, with Black voters being 2 times more likely to say that gun rights is their most important issue. While opposingly, only half of correspondents seemed to be motivated to vote based on the supreme court’s recent decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. 

But what’s most damning for Abrams is her lack of enthusiasm amongst Black male voters, a part of her base that if lossed will directly lead to her defeat against Kemp in November.

Last week rapper ‘Killer Mike’ met with Gov. Kemp and stated that Kemp had “an effective week with Black people. And I would love to see [Abrams] do that. But if she doesn’t, that ain’t our fault.”

The consensus for the Abrams camp this time around is that once again, she is ignoring Black male voters and at times insulting them.

With Abrams teetering on the edge of an upset or a monumental defeat, all eyes will be focused on how her campaign will address obvious issues that have festered since her 2018 run.

Sylvester Loving, Barrington Williams, B1Daily

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