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OP-ED: LA City Council Protects Hispanic Racist

The 'Black and Brown' alliance myth officially gets shattered.

Recordings of anti-Black racism are common, but blatant bigotry in public venues like a city council chamber are rare even in the United States.

Enter Los Angeles City Council President Nury Martinez, who along with 2 other representatives were caught on a recording slandering their Black constituencies, calling them racial slurs, openly discussing targeting Black citizens, and possibly ganging up on a prosecutor who refuses to carry out their racist dictates. 

From left to right. Nury Martinez, Kevin de León, and Gill Cedillo

Additionally, all three of the council members have refused to step down despite being exposed as anti-Black racist. Prompting death threats, doxing of their personal information  and threats towards the entirety of the LA city council to flare on social media.

So far, the Congressional Hispanic Caucus as well as the Congressional Black Caucus has refused to condemn the LA city council. The largest Latino super-PACS in the US including Latino Vote for America, Nuestro, Latino Victory, American Latinos United, have also refused to condemn the three councilmen.

Congressmen Carlos Curbelo

Nury Martinez, Kevin de León, and Gill Cedillo all partook in conversation that we all hear in the Hispanic community on a daily basis.

Too many Latinos hate their melanin and do everything possible to lighten their skin or avoid marrying someone darker than themselves. The flip side of this absurd mentality means that they are often abhorrently anti-Black racist, and use these displays of public bigotry as a means of proving to the other espousing Aryans also called “people of color” the sheer intent of their anti-Black racism.

The Hispanic community has always had a major anti-Black racism problem. Black people have collectively held their tongues about the obvious caste-like mentality that so many Hispanics come to America with. So many in the Latino community feel that Black citizens are beneath them, despite them abandoning their homelands to come and leach off the efforts of people far better than themselves.

NY Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez claims Latinos should get reparations too for illegally crossing border as she speaks at 2019 NAN conference

Historically speaking Los Angeles has always had a Black population even though a lion share of properties and businesses in the area are owned by non-Black people who usually don’t even reside in the area. 

That began to change in the early 2000’s when the white supremacist were unable to effectively gentrify the south central area and subsequently cleanse it of Black people, things just weren’t moving quickly enough. Thousands of Latinos were flooding the California border monthly, creating border towns like Baja, California. However the Hispanic community including many of its politicians claimed that there wasn’t enough housing.

The US government’s unspoken policy has always been to allow foreign people to ‘migrate’ to the Black community. Migration may as well be another term meant to explain the economic flooding of the Black community, usually to grow a new population that will economically replace the Black workers in the area.

That’s when Latino gangs like MS-13 and ‘La eMe‘ aka the Mexican Mafia and ‘Hazard Grande’ or Big Hazard began firebombing black apartment complexes and vehicles owned by Black people. The gangs also began assaulting and butchering Black women and children found outside. This level of violence went on for a decade and was sanctioned by white supremacist affiliated Latino gangs in the LA law enforcement circles including groups like the ‘Banditos’

South Central apartments, Los Angeles, California, United States
Young mother comforts her young as her home lays in smoke and flames
Big Hazard gang primarily criminally charged with arson of South Central Black residencies

What goes unmentioned is city councilmen like Martinez, De Leon, and Cedilla also allowed these attacks to go on, proposing no new legislation to address the violence and often supporting attorneys or other lawmakers designing policy to attack Black people.

For what its worth, the attorney in Martinez and her cohorts were complaining about and claiming that he “sided with the Blacks” is George Gascón. Gascón caught a lot of flack last year for saying that he would refuse to prosecute ridiculous petty offenses meant to be tickets, he then received personal threats to his safety when he announced his office’s creation of California’s first Black advisory board to better help his community address the inequities amongst the nations oldest citizenry.

We’ve come full circle and can now acknowledge that there are multitudes of groups in the US who practice anti-Black racism as a means of assimilation into the larger white populace. That culture of the white populace demands anti-Black bigotry, other groups too often come disdain for Black citizens beforehand because it’s also an essential bedrock of their own cultures.

Rather its firebombing Black homes, intentionally driving Black businesses out of the area, targeting Black youth with facetious charges, and making policies that gentrify the Black community, other “minority groups” are only seeking political power to harm or financially feed on Black people and more effectively bolster their own numbers.

While we may have allies, Black people have no friends, on the contrary, we have a long list of enemies.

Marcus Davis, Sylvester Loving, B1Daily

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