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Was the NOI right about US Cities’ Water Supplies?

How many Black cities have poison running through them?

The Nation of Islam has been abundantly transparent about their stance against white supremacy, but are they also accuratley predictive about the US government’s schemes against its own subjects?

Over the years, dozens of jr. ministers have done extensive interviews in which they claim that all major Black enclaves in the United States have poisonous water, and more important, that this is a known and purposely implemented policy by the US government.

Now nearly a decade later, Black Americans believe that Flint was just the beginning, and may be emblematic of a larger national precedent. 

For example, the city of Chicago is known to have toxic lead in its water. Data compiled from tests conducted between 2016 and 2021 found that hundreds of the city’s drinking water systems tested positive for measurable levels of harmful contaminants, with a majority of those sewage lines being located primarily within Black neighborhoods. On top of that 80% of Chicago homes have connections made of lead, more than any other city in the country.

In Flint white-owned companies like British Petroleum (BP) and General Motors (GM) openly dumped toxic waste in the Flint River as well as basins surrounding the area. After decades of industrial dumping by GM and its suppliers, the water was so toxic that the Flint River became desolate. In the 1960s, the city of Flint started buying water from Detroit, but neither the local, state, or federal governments ever proceeded to clean up the Black city’s only clean water supply.

In Jackson families have already started suing the state government for ignoring and allowing the local water supply to be poisoned with toxic lead. The current crisis in Jackson is thanks to the flooding of the water supply and the Mississippi state governments inability to effectively address the flooding, the aging infrastructure that collapsed as a result of said flooding, and the general toxicity of the drinking water of its Black residents.

Studies estimate that nearly 25% of all homes in Jackson have undrinkable water thanks to the dangerous toxins in it.

So there is truth to the claim that the US government both locally and federally are indeed responsible for the poisoning of Black its Black constituencies.

Clinical studies have shown that lead poisoning can lead to premature violence amongst its consumers, and a complete erosion of the prefrontal cerebral cortex known for aiding the minds capacity for decision making and reasoning.

So is the NOI right about the Black populace’s access to clean water?

Undoubtedly yes. But above all, has that always been the the true malicious intent of the white supremacist in control of the US government?

Sylvester Loving, B1daily

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