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White-Media Attacks Kyrie Irving Over Tweeted Amazon Link

Is the outrage against Irving manufactured?

NBA star Kyrie Irving is the talk of the town again. This time for alleged ‘anti-Semitism’ after he posted a tweet for a link to a movie on Amazon called “Hebrews To Negroes: Wake Up Black America”.

Kyrie Irving (left) & Irving Sr. (Right)

Irving even went as far to use an anti-Black racial slur to prove his point.

“N—–, I don’t hear a uproar over that” Irving said in response to the press directed banter. The crowded room got silent.

Clearly the White media doesn’t have a problem with the likes of a Joe Rogan who routinely uses anti-Black racial slurs, epithets, references fraudulent data meant to betray Black people as inhuman, and even brings on famed white-supremacist like Charles C. Johnson.

Yet Rogan was supported not only by Jewish-Americans like Daniel Ek who said he “shouldn’t be silenced” but also by newspapers like Vulture or Vox who claimed that Rogan was “taken out of context”. For what its worth, Vox’s president is Pam Wasserstein who herself has also claimed to be Jewish.

Daniel Ek (left) & Joe Rogan (right)

“It’s an African heritage, so lets stop trying to claim it for one group.” He said in reference to the term ‘Semite’ meaning those who speak olden languages specifically from the African-Asiatic culture. Which seemed to imply that Irving was stating that he couldn’t be an anti-Semite because he is a practicing or an actual Semite.

The Irving Family

“My son’s name is Elohim.” Irving stated as the room full of reporters feigned outrage.

Despite anti-Black racist like Bill Mahar being supported by racist networks like HBO, who’s run by companies like Discovery and are represented by anti-Black CEO’s like David Zaslav.

Bill Mahar has not only used the n-word multiple times on broadcasted television, often calling himself a “house n-word” when talking to Ben Sasse (R.-NB). Mahar railed against athletes protesting police brutality, and even questioned why the anti-Black anthem written by a slave owner and bigot should be changed. And most recently, Mahar defended the banning of history books about Black people while he simultaneously claimed that it makes “white children feel traumatized”, he also refused to call out the removal of books like Maus that provide insights on the European Holocaust.

Of course, we’ll have to ignore obvious contenders of anti-Black hate like Sarah Silverman who wore Black face and then bragged about it, or Amy Schumer or routinely makes inappropriate references regarding Black men’s phallus’s, Rahm Emmanuel for covering up police murders of Black people, or Steven Miller who has committed too many anti-Black acts to recite.

Amy Schumer
Sarah Silverman

The white media has a long and storied history of supporting bigots, and falsely accusing Black people of crimes (or lack thereof) while trying to take attention off of their own demented practices. The white media encourages censorship of Black people on regular basis, because their white-supremacist.

Kyrie Irving is just the latest Black person to be wrongfully accused, but will not be the last.

Barrington Williams, B1Daily

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