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Hebrew Group Rallies Around Nets Stadium

Demonstrators hold massive rally outside of the Brooklyn Nets stadium. Rabbi Gerome Ben-Isaac speaks with B1Daily.

Thousands of Jewish citizens showed up Thursday to demonstrate their solidarity or support of Kyrie Irving, a athlete who was recently suspended from the NBA due to posting a link to a movie on his social media account.

Many of the demonstrators wore t-shirts representing Israel United In Christ which is a group best known for its promotion of Semitic  sub-cultures and for its encouragement of self-discovery for all Semitic peoples.

“It was really about us showing that we were going to stand with any people who want to acknowledge their heritage or beliefs. We don’t know if Kyrie is a Hebrew, but we wanted to be there so that if he does decide to embrace what we see as his historical lineage, then we stand behind him.” Said Rabbi Gerome Ben-Isaac, who is a member of Israel United in Christ.

Thousands of Hebrews Israelites march near Barclays Center

Irving, who insist that he is not anti-Semitic has refused to make any more comments regarding the subject.

When asked if he had heard of the massive protest going on outside of the Nets headquarters Irving stated that “I haven’t heard about it, but It’s not basketball related. Let’s try to focus on sports.”

“As Vice President of the union my job is to protect these players.” Said Jaylen Brown, Vice President of National Basketball Association Players’ Union. “Everyone can see who some of the corporate people are related too, I think our society has more work to do including Joe Tsai.”

Joe Tsai (left) & Uyghur family (right)

Walker made waves for openly calling out Joe Tsai, the multibillionaire owner of the Brooklyn Nets, who has been involved in his own controversy of appearing to unrepentantly support the Chinese government’s genocide of the Uyghur people, a Turkic ethnic group primarily oriented in south-eastern China.

After much public outcry, Irving has been reinstated. Irving started Sunday night, finished with 14 points against the Memphis Grizzlies.

Sylvester Loving, B1Daily

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