De León Assaults Protestor

Disgraced LA city council member De León loses it and attacks local demonstrator.

Former LA City Council member Kevin De León attacked a protester at a local holiday event as seen in a now viral video below.

Leon who is currently up for his 4th recall attempt, is best known for his racist rants alongside Council President Nury Martinez, Councilmember Cedillo, and LA County Federation of Labor President Ron Herrera. 

Cedillo was defeated in his primary election in June, while Martinez and Herrera have formally resigned,  but De León has refused calls to resign. Even President Joe Biden requested he resign over a month ago.

Activist speculate Leon’s refusal to step down is centered on the fact that he sits on the largest post-incumbency nest egg of any former state legislator. De Leon is estimated have retained over $3.1 million worth of contributions and campaign donations from his failed mayoral attempt.

However De Leon did find time to respond to a local Black demonstrator named Jason Reedy, who showed up alongside several other protestors in solidarity against De Leon. Reedy is a known activist in the LA area and a young father to a 5-month year old child.

Leon is then seen in the video at the holiday event tackling a Reedy down and the video appears to show De Leon attempting to strangle Reedy before a crowd of onlookers finally broke them up. 

De Leon insists that Reedy made “intimidating gestures” towards him despite the footage never showing the protesters physically assaulting him.

Reedy’s attorney, Shakeer Rahman released a statement on Twitter where he called De Leon a “disgrace” and insinuated that he was out of touch with reality. 

“Video footage clearly shows him and his supporters initiating this assault while Mr. Reedy stands with his hands up. Not only has Kevin De Leon lost all political legitimacy, his claims that he was the one attacked here simply underscores how he’s lost touch with reality.”

De León has not responded to B1Daily’s requests for comment.

Barrington Williams, B1Daily

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