OP-ED: Tethers Fleeing Together

Marcus Davis exposes what's the real cause of immigrant's disdain towards FBA's.

What’s worse than coward?

A freeloader because at least the coward is fearful of your wrath. The freeloader on the other hand is neither timid or remorseful about their debauchery.

Thousands of illegal migrants flood across the US southern border, Arizona, 2018

Foundational Black Americans are saddled with this sorry state of affairs whenever we’re forced to deal with people who’ve abandoned their home countries and have come to the states for “better opportunities” or safety from whatever is going on in their countries.

Instead of them being thankful for the chance to simply be on the soil, or being grateful for not having to deal with the threat of being deported or forever being considered a faux citizen, immigrants continue to malign and attack Black Americans— the only group of people in the US that foreigners can remotely consider allies.

Remember the bit about the freeloader? The freeloader’s arrogance is unmatched. It has to be. How else could a group of people who not only ran from their nation of birth, but somehow sit in the homeland of people far more resilient than themselves, and find it in their spirt to insult or undermine us at every turn.

A group of people like that clearly don’t fear consequeneces or retribution.

Immigrants have done more to undermine Black Americans than help them and that fact is unescapable.

At every turn they serve as economic destabilizers, social bastards or imitators at best, and often make up a disproportionate segment of the country’s criminal class.

Black Americans get denied loans from racist institutions on the daily but illegals without proper identification or even the ability to properly speak the national language are given low interest rate loans and often assisted with state or federal aide.

They copy our music, style of dress, and even hairlines, yet they claim we have no culture. Maybe its because they keep stealing it.

Twin Devils of Dereliction” Doja Rat (left) & Rickety Minaj (right) pose with premier ‘karen’ wigs

With the assistance of the white-supremacist in business sponsoring them, or in government where they refuse to prosecute them for the crime of breaking into the country, immigrants have been able
to economically derail native Black Americans.

What’s worse is that 9 out of 1 times these gaggle of deplorable sellouts can’t even return to their homeland.

Brothas, those of us who’ve served, been in combat, or worked in security across seas understand damn well why.

To the family who don’t understand where this is going I present this idea. Getting into a US embassy isn’t easy, you have to know someone or have connections. Or you have to be willing to share information with American forces, and if the community or country you come from is being invaded at the moment by said American forces then your reputation will be ruined amongst your native people and they could even end up in… precarious situations.

Or to my hittas out there, “They some snitches” and they paperwork dirty out here.

So immigrants are kind of like collaborators as well as hostages to the white-supremacist, because if they get sent back to their homeland then it could really be over for them.

Taliban begins “knocking on doors” in search of US sympathizers, Herat 2021

Can you see it, Family?

“Hey Habib, glad to see you made it back. Remember when you and your pops were talking to them white folk over there? Well we do.”

Immigrants really thought we didn’t know that they were semi on the run, and were also trying to talk trash in a foreign land where they have no backup or real foothold. Couple that with the fact they don’t even have the sympathy or support of the people in their home courtiers and that their assets in the US can be seized by the white-supremacist at any moment.

Afghanis strap themselves to outside of a US C-17 plane in attempt to escape their own country

Man its a bad look.

But we’re going to do yall a favor– hell one better than that.

Black Americans are not just going to talk about, we’re going to be about it. Immigrants have taken economic and political action against us, and the growing consensus in
FBA circles is that you all shouldn’t be allowed to benefit from works and efforts.

In basic terms, ‘yall gotta go. The alliance is over.

Oh Black Americans heard all of your insults and slights, and we’ve decided that the nation doesn’t really need immigrants who will cause wages to flatline, or create more crime.
In fact we can even help you all reunite with your families back home!

Plus Black Americans will have a much needed chance to flesh this issue out by means of the supreme court in the near future, considering the right-wing ideologues who have already hinted
at acknowledging the idea that the 14th amendment was actually created for native Black people specifically to prevent re-enslavement.

That means no more dropping anchors in our homeland just so you can catch a free ride.

Ukrainian refugees stand in await of rations, Kyiv, 2022

We’re going to get serious about showing you exactly how hard working we can really be.

And when you get back home maybe you all can show us all of that talent that you all have but weren’t utilizing to build your homeland in the first place.

Or maybe the vast majority of you all are just fleas— I mean people fleeing from one asylum to another.

Get your plane tickets ready.

Marcus Davis, B1Daily

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