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Hundreds of Metro Police Under Investigation for Sex Crimes

Police-organized rape gangs run rampant across the commonwealth. Sylvester Loving gives the take.

Yesterday morning Metro police commissioner David Carrick was charged with nearly 50 sex crime offenses, including to including 20 counts of rape – against 12 women.

Former Metropolitan Police Chief David Carrick

Former Police Commissioners David Carrick’s recent charging was no surprise to anyone. Following the national upheaval over the vicious rape of Sarah Everard, responsible samaritans from all corners of the commonwealth took to the streets and began asserting their rights to self protection from the corrupt gangs of rapist who call themselves ‘coppers’.

Sarah Everard (left), former MET Police officer and convicted rapist Wayne Couzens (right)

Everard was also raped by a MET police officer, and he was also aided by fellow officers in hopes of covering up his heinous crime. With Carrick out, the agency has been in a tailspin, but did the organization know of misconduct prior to his removal?

Critics think so, as many are making the assertion that the only reason Carrick even stepped down was due to his knowing of his imminent charging, and subsequently the entire agency’s humiliation.

Brits protest in Parliament Square Sara Everard’s murder

Now just a day after Carrick’s charging, an extensive report detailing some of the sexual assault allegations alongside a comprehensive analyses of the actual numbers of incidents has officially been released causing distrust and animosity to fester in the Yard.

Newly appointed Metropolitan Police Chief Mark Rowley

The investigation was conducted by the office of Baroness Louise Casey, who upon completion submitted a 20 page report detailing the utterly ridiculous numbers of misconduct, abuse, and outright assault.

Now that Commissioner Carrick has lost his swagger and gone completely silent over the matter, the Metro police agency has been forced to make a statement with the current Metro Police Commissioner Sir Mark Rowley stating that  he was “appalled by the extent of the findings.”

The report indicates that 1,809 officers – or 20% of all those officers facing allegations – had more than one complaint raised against them, with 500 of those facing between three to five separate misconduct cases since 2013. 

Officers are not only engaging in routine abuse, but have even been reported multiple times by different people, yet the white authorities protected these criminals. 

In a similar outcome to our American cousins, Black Brits find themselves forced to patrol their own areas of stay, and investigate their own crimes since we obviously can’t trust the white-supremacist. 

Just last year the Office for National Statistics (ONS) revealed that Black women were far more likely to experience sexual assault than their non-Black counterparts.

We also need to remember that Sarah Everard is just one of many. How many other young women including young Black Brits have been attacked or killed? It could be our own love or Mum who ends up being attacked by these scoundrels, and what happens when we’re not with them, or they don’t have a means to protect themselves?

Brits are under no obligation to sit on our hands while thugs roam the streets. Fight back and stand tall!

Sylvester Loving, B1Daily

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