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Illegal Migrants Protest Eviction From Luxurious Hotel

Immigrant activist rally to preserve their accommodations in New York. But are their grievances warranted?

Hispanic migrants bussed in from southern border states into democratic enclaves like Atlanta, Chicago and New York have gotten the red carpet in big apple.

In New York, thousands of migrants whom illegally crossed the border have been residing in the “Row”, a luxurious 4 star hotel that runs over $700 a night per room.

Migrants have been there for nearly 6 months, with complains of physical violence in dorms, migrants having sex in the stairwells, rampant robberies, and even sexual assaults.

Now the new tenants are being evicted after Mayor Eric Adams who had been receiving pushback from critics due to the ridiculous amount of money the state had provided for housing, gave notice to move them to a actual shelter instead of an hotel.

More than 36,400 migrants have flooded into New York City in the last few months and have been housed at just 14 hotels. All of this comes as news of from Customs and Border Protection’s who say that migrant encounter tracker for Fiscal Year 2022 surpassed the two million mark for the first time in United States history.

Activists including Sergio Uzurin pose outside of the Row hotel

Thousands of migrants gathered in front of the Row hotel on Wednesday in protest of the recent decision.

Immigrant activist say the change is too sudden and that living conditions at any of the proposed alternatives or other shelters in the city wouldn’t properly accommodate them in the cold.

“We’re left with no other options.” Said Maria Tónoco who’s an immigrant’s rights activist. “We want the same opportunities as everyone else and it feels like Mayor Adams is singling us out in order to get some political brownie points or save his own but, and we won’t stand for it.

Kerry Hill, B1Daily

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