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OP-ED: Making It Clear About Seth the Programmer

The toxic behavior in the weeb community must end.

Dude this is ridiculous.

If you’re new to the weeb community, you probably don’t really have an idea of how screwed up it can be sometimes.
There are plenty of commentators, spammers, and trolls alike who have continued to mess up the space for everyone.

Seth the Programmer (StP) is one of them.

Seth The Programmer

Seth is one of many power-scaling commentators who endlessly debate other commentators online for meaningless recognition among each other.

He’s always been known on Discord servers as a white-supremacist considering he and pretty much anybody on his team and server
say the n-word and other anti-Black slurs.

He was also one of the more popular commentators in the community, reaching nearly 800,000 subscribers on YouTube.

This was before his production lackey Clyde, yes that Clyde who always screams at Black commentators on Discord, the same Clyde
who also has used racial slurs, and the same Clyde that constantly internet gags by getting online and pretending to commit suicide in order to get sympathy or increase his subscriber amount.

Clyde basically decided to out Seth as a pedophile, abuser, and generally a shitty person all because he “felt like it was now or never.”4

This caused and immediate backlash from StP fans, prompting Keemstar of KeemstarSHOW to set up a forum for everyone to hash things out.

But man, no one was prepared for this stream.

Keemstar and co-commentator Packgod interviewed Clyde, Swagkage, Noodles, Six and a few other commentators up to see if the allegations were legit.

The whole thing was just a whine fest about how Clyde was somehow being manipulated by Seth despite taking money from him. The others also indicated that Seth was emotionally abusive to all of them, which really kinda of sounds like white boy whining. I mean these guys hung on to Seth the Programmer as long as he was paying them and they were gaining subscribers, but suddenly when he may have screwed them out of cash they want to “expose” him.

By the way Geekdom101 made a video lowkey defending Seth in the middle of the night, while the Keemstream was getting started.

But that’s not the important stuff, because the Ish’ got real Black commentator and known soyboy‘ Arrow was brought on the stream.

Arrow claimed that Seth had sexually abused a minor among many other things. This led down a rabbit hole that inevitably brought back to Clyde’s allegations of harrasment and abuse.

While the stream and this situation is more of a sad commentary on the toxicity of the white weeb community, it was pretty entertaining. The whole stream is filled with beta males screaming at the each other and whining endlessly. While the climax was Clyde being asked to confront Seth the Programmer head on, that’s when the sexual abuse allegations came full bore.

Screenshots showed that Seth was not only drinking with a 16 year old minor, he requested nudes (naked images) of her which is also super illegal, and when she refused he bullied her in his discord by making explicit comments about her breast.

Then the chat went into a frenzy about the fabled Naruto vs Ichigo campaign that never came to completion. Basically, Seth took like 50,000 in donations and never made the anticipated battle video.

The issue with this is that all of them all guilty, Clyde included.

These dudes sit in Discord chats all day saying anti-Black stuff, and doing stupid content that only kids like. Which is why kids hang in their stupid chats, which is why the end up screwing with kids.

They all did racist, homophobic stuff with Seth and they were rewarded by YouTube, twitter and any other social media sites with monetization while Black platforms were targeted.

These guys all knew Seth was a scumbag but they let him do wrong for a decade. Noodle and Clyde covered for a pedophile for years, and Keen refused to press the jailtime issue revealing his white solidarity card.

Aside from the pedophilic stuff, these guys all need to lose subscribers. They’re racist, petty, immature, and they’re content is straight lame. Couple that with the fact that when Black youtuber EDP445 got caught in a similar situation as Seth, he was ruthelslly attacked by the entire weeb community.

Yet Clyde, Noodles, Geekdom, even Keenstar to a certain extent kept pushing the conversation of punishment for Seth to being limited to just therapy or getting off of the internet, not criminal charges.

They’re all toxic and they represent the weeb community horribly, but they’re also perpetuating the same gross patterns of abuse that we all witness in Hollywood and corporate America. The internet was supposed to be our haven from these evils but its not the platform that’s the issue. Its these guys.

At least in the Blerd and Black weeb communities our biggest problems our noobs ignoring anti-Black racism, white supremacy, or generally just being distracted. Its not nearly as bad as what goes on in these other places.

So what do you think? Will StP be EDP’d? Leave a comment below.

Kel McKnight, B1Daily

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