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Black Americans Sour on Immigration

Polls indicate that the Black community is quickly souring on the idea of national immigration.

Black Americans are souring on immigration according to recent polling data conducted by B1Daily in partnership with Dream Analytics LLC.

Following an extensive three month study that surveyed nearly five thousand anonymous participants across the rustbelt. Participants were specifically selected from the age ranges of 18-40 who are often considered to be the most likely to vote during primaries as well as national elections and all respondents identify as Black, Caribbean, or African-American.

Around 74% of respondents listed their opinion on the US’s current immigration policy as either “dissatisfied” or “extremely dissatisfied”.

While Black Americans have historically been the biggest proponents of immigration to the United States, often politically advocating for migrants both locally and nationally. However due to a combination of high profile scandals involving first generation migrant politicians, and a growing desire for self autonomy in the finance sector that is seen as more friendly toward migrants, Black Americans have seemed to sour on the prospect of more immigrants arriving in the country.

Perhaps most shocking is the sentiment that appears to be shared across party lines. 88% of Black republicans respondents said that immigration is “harmful to the country as a whole” while a plurality of the aforementioned respondents also said that immigration was also economically harming the Black community. 

Black Democratic respondents were much more likely to be sympathetic to the stance of national immigration with only 46% of respondents describing it as harmful to the country as a whole. But, Black Democratic voters were twice as likely to describe the effects of immigration on the Black community as negative, with over 81% choosing to describe immigration as being detrimental to the Black community. 

While reparations for FBA’s consistently contending for the most important issue of 2023, polls placed “Funding grassroots candidates” second, and “Limiting immigration nationally” at third.

During his recent Union address, President Joe Biden said, “America’s border problems won’t be fixed until Congress acts,” placing the onus on the American congress. 

Congress passed sweeping immigration reform since 1996, but with the attitude of one of the nation’s most consistent voting populaces changing their opinions on the matter, anything is possible.

Sylvester Loving, B1Daily

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